I will remember September 2020 as the month where cryptocurrency allowed platform participation to turn into actual monetary value.

It started with Uniswap’s surprise UNI airdrop on the 18th of September where UNI tokens were distributed to users that used the Uniswap protocol in different ways in the past and continued with the new ability of converting Reddit Moons ($MOON) into the USD backed stable coin DAI.

I have witnessed a lot of confusion regarding the MOON to DAI conversion process so I feel like a detailed guide is going to be beneficial to some.

First, I will provide a…

The first decentralized applications hackathon had just been wrapped up. The hackathon took place in Tel Aviv and lasted 27 hours (starting at 9am on October 18th and ending at 12pm on October 19th). During the hackathon, a number of Blockchain lectures & workshops took place

Join us on the 18th & 19th of October for the Inaugural Dappathon (Decentralized Applications Hackathon) in Israel, hosted by DappWorks & Eden Block. Be a part of a unique gathering where developers, designers and professionals receive an opportunity to build products based on blockchain protocols.

The event will include both a hackathon and workshops to learn more about developing blockchain apps. The event is blockchain agnostic. We support entrants building dapps on Ethereum, EOS or any other blockchain with smart contract support.

Prizes will be provided to the top 3 winning teams. In addition to the financial prize of…

A new development named “monKey” is testing if combining gaming elements with identicons adds to a coin’s growth and value


A lot of obstacles are standing in the path of cryptocurrencies’ mass adoption, ranging from price volatility to inefficient user experience. From a UX standpoint, a major part of cryptocurrencies is not really optimized— the wallet address, also known as a public key. A public keys is a long string of digits and characters. It represents the user’s ID. The length of this string makes it nearly indistinguishable from a similar string that differs by a couple of characters, usually…

The Bolivar’s value is rapidly decreasing as each day passes

The majority of late consumer technology advancements have showcased that pros and cons come as a part of the package. Cell phones allow us to be available at all times, which can be lifesaving useful in times of need. However, they can be very distracting from more important events such as studying, doing homework, or even crossing the street. Studies have shown that children are more likely to get hit by a car if they are talking or texting on a cell phone while crossing the street. In addition, on the one hand, the internet made communication happen globally and…

Amir Hagafny

Full stack & Blockchain Developer

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