3And a half day Tour of Kolkata:
For the Second time in India and first time in Kolkata; it was a sponsored trip by one of my facebook friend and Senior. I arrived on the afternoon of 22nd January and left the city by the morning of 26th January..

This is the first shot I took just after arriving in Kolkata near Marquis Street. After that I couldn't pull off my eyes from the color yellow and the hand-pulled rickshaws..

very first shot in kolkata
Yellow fever continue

The old hand-pulled rickshaws, a significant vehicle by which you can easily say “We are in Kolkata!”.

The Howrah: The very next morning I went to Howrah bridge at 6 am. where i met fellow photographer friend Purbadari Mukhopoddhay from Facebook ,and he showed around Howrah. After a decent photo walk we went to the great Coffee House for breakfast.

Don’t know what the guy is up to and no idea how he was able to see. Moving effortlessly.

Coffee house: Regardless of being a Bengali music listener or not, if you grew up in Bangladesh or Kolkata you must have heard the famous timeless song of Legendary singer Manna Dey “Coffee house er Sei ADDA” at least once in your lifetime. I have grown up listening to this song in school, college and my university days. It was my school fantasy to visit this coffee house, and how could I ever miss that when I am in Kolkata!

Shantunu Ghose , HR officer of an NGO . n winter, every saturday he takes breakfast at the coffee house, basically he pay a visit in off day

Food: If you are a food lover then Kolkata should be like heaven for you. Without any doubt I am pretty sure that you are going to be addicted with the wide range of street food and the famous Chai (Tea). I didn’t take photos of mouthwatering fuchka, chaat and so much more

The popular roll, you will get these kinda of roll shops anywhere in Kolkata. Egg rolls, chicken rolls and many more endless varieties of rolls. Well these photos were taken in Kusum Rolls in Park Street. In a short time I found that they are the best!

Happy Foreigner client giving a pose for me :D

The Street Chow meinn ,which is full of spices ,it is quite a heavy food at cheap price.

Eco friendly kolkata :Good thing about Kolkata tea is, they serve it in tiny argil (mud) cups, and this is totally Eco-friendly; you can throw it out anywhere after use, and it will disintegrate into dust and vanish into the soil. Most importantly the tea tastes so good and is the same everywhere. Another eco friendly thing I forgot to take pictures of was plates made of leaves. They serve kochuri (vegetable with bread) or snacks and sweets in dried leaf plates .

Introducing Calcutta band, while I was random passing by their costume color caught my eye and I got the opportunity to photograph them while they were preparing for a wedding.

Tram : Tram is another signature of Kolkata. Tram transportation is only available in Kolkata. It is a cheap and best way to see the city. It has a vintage sense to it. According to history the only person who died in tram accident in the last 100 years was famous & popular Bengali poet “ Jibonanondo Das”.

inside of the Tram

Visited the large open Field known as Maidan, near EDEN garden stadium, environment was good with fog, players, and hawkers.

The Italian Saloon: When I first heard of them I thought this kind of barber tradition came from Italy, but in truth thats not the case! Just because they sit on a brick when doing their job, they are now known as the Etalian saloons. In Bengali the word brick is called as “EIT” or IIT”.

some Random shots from north part of kolkata
This a popular food lane of Sudder Street (just in front of hotel Hilson) well known to foreigners. Whenever you go there you will see bunch of foreigners having tea, breakfast or evening juice. It always remains crowded. I loved the place & eating there on the side of the street..
while going to park street found a graffiti lane too
Water :Bad thing about Kolkata, while so many hotel couldn't afford optimum water supply but there was abundant waste of water in the street.

Encounter with smiles:

Night in Kolkata looks more mesmerizing, I was less focused about night though, next time I’m there I will take more photos of night time. New market area is always full of crowd in the night even barely a car can move!, popular place full of life, Its a great place for shopping in very cheap rate. Park Street area is a quite an aristocratic place , full of restaurants and hotels.

1: park street 2: sudder street
popular sudder street , Between lindsay and chowronge lane ,

Meeting with strangers :

Karma Nedup: An advocate, currently living in Bangalore. Also an alumni of University of Calcutta. he is one of the nicest human beings I have met. I was his Room mate in Peerless Inn Hotel. Thank you :)

Björn: 33 year old Computer scientist wants to be psychotherapist. He is form Germany

Kolkata international airport before leaving for Dhaka

Kolkata: After watching all the pictures I think you must have been bored by so many yellow cab pictures! Well i have to admit this yellow cab was the shortest crush for me. Here is a tribute to Kolkata with the iconic yellow cab. Wonderful Three and half days in Kolkata ya Calcutta.