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Reddit is great; the official Reddit app is not! Although Reddit team is pushing hard to come up with a hybrid design language that they can unify the user experiences between iOS and Android, until now they’ve only managed to deliver a buggy and sluggish official app. The official app is young and bold, and it is going to be the go-to app for most people. But soon, it will be the next official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest apps that everyone hates but have to use because it delivers the first-hand experience and it gets exclusive features that no…

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Graphics are designed by Ervin Bolat, Sriramteja SRT, and Mikicon with minor modification by the author.

It has been a while that I am using Workflowy Journal as my main productivity method, and therefore Workflowy as my primary productivity app/service. I never thought that I continue using it for such a long time. It is maybe because I designed it for my needs, and it turned out to be flexible enough to adjust over time. I am also surprised by the number of reads and recommends on Medium. It seems it is working for others with other needs too. That is indeed very nice!

Over time, the outlining proved to be an effective method for collecting…

Digital Bullet Journal

I am pretty impressed by the idea and the perfect execution of Bullet Journal method by Ryder Carroll. So I started to use it for several weeks, and I found it really useful. It works in such a way that you don’t need to think about where and how you are taking note! However the big contradiction about the Bullet Journal method, to me, is that I wanted to be paperless. Clearly, Ryder developed the method for those who are not interested in the idea of going “paperless”. …

Amir Masoud Abdol

Computational Biology PhD Candidate, UI/UX Enthusiast, Machine Learner with Computationally Intensive Personality!

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