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2 minutes to Improve Your Work Ethic

7 tips to change the way you work

Learning how to work smart can make a huge impact on your life and career. Improving your work ethic will make you feel more fulfilled and help you achieve more success in areas that you have never imagined.

You will be surprised by what you are capable of when you enhance your work ethic and activate your potential by following these rules.

Cut Distractions

People on average spend about 2 hours on social media EVERY DAY! Most of the time we mindlessly browse the internet and it doesn’t provide any value to our lives.

Other more productive things you can do in 2 hours (or less) that can provide you with a massive value over time:

  • Read a book
  • Learn a new skill
  • Be an Idea Machine
  • what else? 🤔 Let me know in the comments below 👇

Be Predictable

  • Sleep and wake up at the same time.
  • Have a dedicated time slot every day to improve yourself.
  • Develop habits and practice them at a particular time.

Be Consistent

  • People overestimate what they can accomplish in short term and hugely underestimate what they can accomplish in long term.
  • Success is a long term game.
  • If you wanna stay in shape, you cannot go to the gym for seven days in a row and then skip the gym all together for 4 months.

Plan and Prepare

  • Plan both short term and long term goals.
  • Start small. Write down your goals for this week and make sure you have a written plan every morning before you start your day.
  • Have a To-Do list for every day.

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  • Procrastinate Tomorrow!

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.

— Benjamin Franklin

Practice Being Focused

  • Train your mind to be focused.
  • Stop making excuses that you can’t be focused.
  • Being focused is a muscle that can be exercised.

Drop Perfection

  • Sometimes, people want to do things so perfectly that they don’t even take the shot and start.
  • It is extremely difficult to do something perfectly, especially at the beginning.
  • Stop overthinking. Just Do It. You won’t regret it.

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