Unleash the Power of Your Super Brain

Humans only use a small fraction of their mental capacity. It is particularly true in today’s world where there are so many distractions.

We often passively surf Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and dozens of other social media websites. It is more important than ever, to train our brain to be more creative, efficient, and resilient.

In an interview, Dr. Murali Doraiswamy, a globally recognized expert in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychiatry, suggest the following simple things we can do to access more of our brain capacity:

How to Exercise Your Brain Muscle?

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One of the best ways to exercise your brain’s creativity muscle is being an Idea Machine where you write 10 ideas everyday. They don’t have to be good ideas. The goal here is not perfection, but rather to unleash your creative brain.

Here is a simple guide to becoming an Idea Machine:

✅ Set aside 15–30 minutes every day to write down your ideas.

✅ Pick a theme for your ideas for that day. Here are a few examples:

  • 10 business ideas to start.
  • 10 books to write.
  • 10 ways to make money online.
  • 10 ways for food businesses to thrive during a global pandemic.

✅ Write down your ideas. You can either use a dedicated notebook or a note-taking app such as Evernote and Notion.

Here are my 10 ideas for today :)

To get started, you can start by writing 5 ideas per day and gradually come up with more ideas. Once you have your list, you can share it with your friends and encourage them to do the same.

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