Grey’s Anatomy Saves Woman, Sort of.

HOLLYWOOD — At approximately 2:00 p.m. today, 26-year-old In-N-Out cashier Lisa Marcel reportedly fainted in front of Grey’s Anatomy’s hit cast on their way to lunch.

Noticing Marcel’s state, the many glamorous doctors stepped forward.

Chief Surgeon, Derek Shepherd, examined Marcel’s body and said, “subject appears to be female.”

Sources revealed the crowd nodding in satisfaction. As medical services arrived on the scene, medical professional Patrick Walsch was told by leading pediatric surgeon Alex Karev, “We have this under control, Doctor, I’ve been doing this for quite some time.”

Pedestrian on the scene, Sandra Edelson said, “Both doctors really looked like they knew what they were doing, I mean, they had the medical coats on and everything.”

Another spectator John Branning notes, “I would have definitely trusted them with my life, they looked quite professional and photogenic.”

No further reports of Lisa Marcel’s condition are available.♦