Since Ami the Commie unsurprisingly must have slept through the “free market” lesson in economics…
Casey Pea

Well Casey Pea — was trying to make a point about an even playing field and allowing the market to decide — but thanks for quoting wikipedia at me. The point being that “in the spirit of free market” that the Ubers should be regulated as cabs are — seems fair? So why not push to have cabs deregulated? Because that would be lunacy of course. And thanks for calling me a commie and getting my gender wrong — you are quite an intellectual. Btw I am not a supporter of unregulated market as you may have guessed, not because I wasn’t paying attention in economics class but growing up in NY I saw what a lack of regulation on private industry does — like turning bodies of water into toxic sludge pools and whole neighborhoods into cancer farms. Not sure Uber and Lyft could achieve those things, but would not bet the safety of my loved ones on their good intentions.