A Culture of Peace

I’m inspired to write this because I read about the latest international Jew-hatred and anti Israel violent expressions.

Just a disclaimer:
I support Peace with all my being. Personally I support a Palestinian state since my childhood and a Just and Peaceful solution to this sad conflict. I believe in the right of the Palestinian people for Self determination and Emancipation and I see the policy of the Israeli government as a failure. I am willing to criticise Israeli government and its Human rights violations and I don’t see it automatically as being Anti-Israeli or Anti-Jew or Anti-Semite. I don’t believe in separation nor in violence and I don’t like atrocities — no matter what side is inflicting them nor what side is the victim. I ache the terrible reality imposed on the Palestinian people and the constant injustice they have to go through. Most of them are good people just like me and you, like most Israelis are good people just like me and you. This reality is imposed on most Israelis too. There are fearful children on both sides.
I could go on and on here, but I trust you get the picture.

The violent expressions of Jew-hatred, and the hate against Israel, is raising its ugly head and is going beyond protesting against the Israeli government. These violent acts are carried by those people that are calling themselves ‘pro palestinians’ while they are committing the crime of demonisation and generalisation and they become not only ‘pro Palestinians’ but ‘anti Jews’. Hypocrisy at its best.
All the hate-fuelling separation-driven experts who know who is who, are so quick to label and point a finger at the devil. It’s time to open our eyes and see as much as we can see all around.

The enemy is not only ‘out there’. It’s within our hearts and minds, it’s in the way we relate, it is in the hate and fear and violence.
The Israeli government is NOT the Israeli people, and Jews are NOT this world’s biggest problem. I mean Come On people!
If we are to march and call to stop atrocities, then this is a good time to march also against the demonisation of Jews and Israelis.
The Middle East is a tough neighbourhood, NOT only because of Jews. There are many violent acts that take many lives in the Middle East, that are committed by others too… the list of violent movements is quite long unfortunately…

Are all Australians against the rights of Aborigines? Are all Muslims terrorists? How ridiculous these questions are. People are people are people… most of the Israelis I know are wonderful people, most of the Jews I know are wonderful people. Coming to think of it - most of the people I know all over the world are wonderful people. No one consciously want to hurt anyone else, and still there is so much hurt around…

It’s true, Israelis celebrate the birth of Israel while Palestinians call it their disaster. The same goes for Aborigines, Native Americans and the list goes on and on.
When people died in the 9/11 there were celebrations elsewhere. When people were killed by suicide bombings in Tel Aviv, there were celebrations elsewhere. History is filled with terrible examples.
We forget too easily that it is not a football match. Who scored more to which side. How awful to neglect our own humanity like that.
That is why I speak up for Peace, and I call an atrocity when I see it. wether it is against Palestinians or Muslims or wether it is against Israelis or Jews, or Tibetan Buddhists or Yezidies.

We cannot ignore each other any longer because we are all interconnected, to ignore the other’s suffering is to ignore a part of myself.
Although we can’t undo what is done, we can grow and evolve from it, and heal the hate and bring justice and respect where it is needed.
There are so many sad wars all over the planet, atrocities that destroy many innocent lives, not because of Jews nor Israel’s government, but because of an un-evolved and ignorant nightmare of separation.
We should all march as a whole specie because it is about all of us.
There is something terribly wrong in a world culture that demonstrate against what it perceives as an atrocity by committing another.
Peace activists everywhere- Be aware NOT to demonise Jews or Israelis when you protest for Palestinian rights or against Israeli government policy.
They way we communicate about all this is already creating the culture we live in.

Perhaps what is so outstanding with Israel, (in my eyes), is that its government’s policy demonstrates how the bullied became a bully. BUT we cannot forget that there’s much more to that:
There are reasons for Jews’ and Israelis fear and trauma, in fact 2000 years or more of many reasons for the trauma, pogroms, inquisitions and on and on.
This is not to justify anything- Please understand- I’m NOT making excuses for Israel government’s policy, nor this is an historical debate. (so spare me comments that debate history). It is simply to point at the complexities — I also do not make excuses for Palestinian violence that is aimed at innocent civilians.
There are many narratives and sides to every fact and story, but for me what is essential beyond narrative is that I trust in that WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE HERE.

When I sympathise with the pain of the Palestinians, I also sympathise with the pain of Israelis. Both people are taken hostage by terrible leadership over the years.
When I show the rubble caused by destructive war I am not pro Israeli or pro Palestinian, I’m simply pro Human-Kind. When I hear militant Palestinians and when I hear militant Israelis, I am sad.
For my heart tells me that there are no winners in war. Not really. The way forward is through understanding, connection, compassion, forgiveness, conversation, co creation, collaboration.
It’s either Win Win or no Win at all. Violence will limit us, where as Peace will set us free. It’s true for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

I don’t leave it to the hands of the governments or leaders anymore. I’m taking responsibility for the way I relate and communicate. Reconciliation starts within, and Peace begins with me.

Thank you for reading.


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