This is how you can end terrorism!

Here’s where it all started, in the white house. The US trained them, supplied weapons to these illiterate, good for nothing tribes in order to fight USSR. Jihad was once authenticated by these same nations, because it solved their purpose then. Weapons were sold like vegetables, all courtesy of The US. These rebels later formed Al-Qaida.

Same case in ISIS formation.. and now these same trained dogs are biting their own boss’s butt, in the name of Jihad, why don’t they openly acknowledge that we created them and to give it an end, we and our allied nations won’t supply any weapons to these groups and stop all trade with them. Why such double standards??

Now the solution is too difficult to apply, because they cannot say we created Al-Qaida, duh! Since if they created them, then 9/11 and every other such BOOMS! were their own making.

But hey! they did try to finish what they started, by making 9/11 a perfect excuse to go to war in Afghanistan. Getting control of the resources and the trade routes were only added perk. Similar scenarios in other wars .

We are emotional beings. We are guided by our feelings of fear, love, hate, because it is easy, it come naturally to us, we don’t have to use our mind for it. Our mind have so many important things to sort out. Such a tired mind we all have, so much stress. Not our fault actually, we are all made for specializations. I write, he sings, she dances, he is a marketer so on and so forth. One person can’t do it all.

Now to look at the other side of the coin, to look deeper and find the actual reasons behind anything is way above our pay grade. We didn’t sign up for this shit.

We all are so vulnerable!! We can be fooled or misaligned so easily, like it has always happened.

Now as per the theory, the only chance we have, for a terror free world; a writer, a marketer, or a designer should have faith. Faith in fellow human beings. No matter what happens. Faith is what brings positivity. Faith is the cradle of civilization. Let not fear blind us, let not the people specialized for a certain kind of work, fool us, divide us, make us hate each other. For a better future, we have to be together, because united we stand, divided we fall!