Zombie Derby 3D : City Attack Zombie Car Game

Killer zombies are most deadliest species on the earth. They have spread immense fear in the humans. They attack cities and kill innocent people and they are helpless. Who will help in zombie derby to save the cities and their habitants? They need a savior who could save them with the help of zombie car. These killer zombies are running very fast. You need to control them or let them kill innocent people.

In zombie derby car game, you will have to drive fast to kill zombies. Zombie Derby is a new action zombie car game, where you will face killer zombies as they attack your city. This zombie car game is an entertaining game and will never let you bored. You need skills to drive zombie derby car and these skills will help to complete each mission. In each mission, you will face hurdles too. So drive zombie car and be a savior but you need to be careful too. If you kill any person while driving zombie derby car then your mission will be ended straightaway.

It has beautiful graphics and this will amuse you to play again and again. There is a total number of cars in 3 plus 4 different maps as well. Each map contains 5 missions and each mission got time limitation too. You will have to complete each mission in given time. You can locate zombie with different camera angles. Download Zombie Derby 3D: City Attack Zombie Car Game and bring enjoyment to your boring life. Please leave your feedback; it helps us to improve the game.