I do marketing for multiple brands (including my personal brand) and I use Trello to keep everything organized to maintain productivity.

Before I started using Trello, tasks, appointments, important notes, ideas and things to remember, were all scattered through a bunch of different apps because each app does different things. Trello is not one app that is for a specific thing. It’s flexible and you can use it for whatever you like. …

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Nowadays I rarely find myself split testing audiences. I’m talking about interests, demographics or behaviors. For example, setting one adset targeting interest “credit card” and another adset targeting interest “online shopping” to see which will bring the best result.

And here are the reasons why.

One person has lots of interests and those interests are determine by Facebook based on our activities on Facebook. You can check out the interests you yourself are under by going to your profile settings > Ads > Your interests.

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I recently visited a local retail shop located inside a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya. Had a long chat with the only employee that manages the shop all year round.

It was around 5pm when I came into the shop and he told me I was the second person to walk in that day. Even funnier was that the first person was in the shop when I got there.

How could that be? A retail shop inside a mall that only had two visitors up until 5pm (well, three if you count my wife).

A nearly dead mall

I wasn’t surprised when he told…

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During a meeting with one of my client, she told me that she wanted to expand the Facebook ads campaigns to neighboring countries (Singapore and Brunei). This was a bit of a challenge because the current campaigns were targeting people with interests specific to a Malaysian customer persona.

You’d think that you can just duplicate the campaigns and just change the target location to those countries. But unfortunately it does not work that way.

Say your target audience read a certain popular magazine only published in Malaysia and you use that targeting option in your Facebook Ads campaign. Use the…

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A majority of marketers want to improve customer experience and believe that it is a way to grow the business. But when it comes to marketing strategies and actual marketing activities done, they don’t lead to improving the customer experience.

Amirul Mokhtar

I write about Marketing. More than 8 years experience marketing for startups. Currently Head of Community at EasyStore.co

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