Edhi: A Man With Iron Will

Success doesn’t come from education or talent it’s the determination hard work which brings the true success. Ambition, determination, organization, dreaming, punctuality and self-motivation require no talent. Talent may bring the opportunity but it’s the hard work and self-determination which earns you the opportunity. As someone said “Luck is when you get an opportunity and you are prepared for it.”

The passion to do something for humanity was deep filled in the heart of this man. Even during his childhood he felt the pain of others as his own. Once when he was passing across a street he saw an old man wounded and sobbing with pain. He went to him, offered him some water. Went back to home brought with him first aid kit and bread to eat. For 21 days he kept feeding him until the old man vanished. He looked for him everywhere but didn’t found. That old told him something very profound” Respect the humanity and help the humanity.” Thus it strengthened his belief.

After he was dropped out his primary school he went on into streets for hawking. He sold pencils to earn a livelihood. He kept doing whatever he found from selling pencils, worked as salesman on clothing shop, started a tea stall and finally went to a dispensary nearby his house to work as volunteer. After insisting and struggle they got agreed to let him work as volunteer. Soon he was fired because he was not formally educated but nothing could shatter his firm determination. He again went on to street hawking saved some money. Finally he opened his small dispensary in a very little place. He sells his medicine on a very low profit margin and was available 24 hours. Moreover he started working on medical store to learn more about medicine at the same time managing his own little setup. Whenever he knew about someone who need the medication he reached out to them and provide them free medicine. Owing to his passion someone gave him a charity of 20,000 from which he bought an old blue van. He used this van as free ambulance service now he reaches everywhere with help to the needy. He worked days and nights and kept growing. Whenever he needs money he went to the road and asked for the charity and people helped him.

Today his organization is running 2000 free ambulance all over the country with 350+ fully equipped medical centers. Providing jobs to 40,000+ nurses and have helped 60 million people.