Sharing 6 tips with a Fellow

I had this discussion with my class fellow who just was thinking of pursuing the higher studies. I went to him and shared with him my point of view. At some points he had the the disagreement with me but the discussion was very productive and learning. I felt really good that I am able to advise someone and help him with knowledge I have gain from Amal Academy. He said I wasn’t aware of the importance of these things like doing internship in summers is a great idea to have an understanding of the corporate environment, competition and opportunities available out in the market. You get a chance to create a network and understanding of the professional environment that you can prepare your self for the future. And also by doing an internship it helps you to see what is your passion and how it feels to work in that feel. You can correct the direction of your studies timely.

When you go to the field and comeback to studies again you know how hard is the competition in the market to get a job and what type of skills you need to develop to stand and sustain yourself and you do your even best effort when you know the reality and circumstances yourself.

In short it was good learning and helping experience for both of us. I did my best to understand the concepts myself as I have to tell them to someone else for that it was compulsory to understand it first myself. And it helped my fellow as well who at least if nothing have some questions and curiosity in his mind to think and inquire about it.

Happy Learning!