Ever since the beginning of men and women, women have been considered the weaker section of society. Decades later and still, women are struggling to be heard and fight against the ‘so-called’ societal norms.

One doesn’t need data or evidence (though there is no lack of it), to conclude that for as long as civilization has existed, gender discrimination has existed alongside it. Gender discrimination is in favor of men in many areas including the workplace and there have been hundreds of thousands of cases all around the world which show how bad the working conditions for women are in the corporate world. From the engineering industry to the gaming industry, women are being considered a less desirable option for the position than men. In many instances, women get laid off for being married or pregnant and let’s not forget about the pay difference among the genders. It is astonishing to see how gender discrimination still exists in large numbers even after there have been strict laws against it. According to the latest studies, it was indicated that most medium and large size companies pay higher wages to men as compared to women. …

“Law is a rule laid down for the guidance of intelligent beings by an intelligent being having power over him.” — John Austin

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The grim truth of our human race is that ‘we’ are capable of being a ‘monster’. History is our evidence from Vlad The Impaler to Hitler to Osama Bin Laden, ‘we’ have seen quite the ‘monsters’. So, if ‘we’ do the same thing to these ‘monsters’, would it serve justice to the human race?

India follows the retributive theory of justice, which basically means providing rehabilitation and a fresh start to the offenders. …

Are you getting ready to pack all your things and move to college and start another chapter in your life?

If yes, then the following article is for you.

Now college is a completely different story than your typical high school. You are away from home and you would want your dorms to feel as much ‘like home’ as possible. Therefore, I bring you the ‘ultimate’ list of things you would want to bring to your college.

  1. A set of extra pillows and blankets- In college, most of the time you are going to be tired and your bed is going to be your best friend. So, it is important to make it as comfy as possible. Now, when you’re always on your bed, it has some cons too. …


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