Maharashtra Plastic Ban and Eco-friendly alternatives in India

As most of you guys are already aware, the Maharashtra government along with 17 other state governments have already banned plastic in India. Despite the ban being spoken about widely in the media, several people are still unaware about what exactly is banned and how we can replace those banned plastic products. The following article will tell you what exactly is banned and where we can find eco-friendly replacements for these products in India.

What is banned in Maharashtra:

Banned Items Include:

  • Plastic Bags of all types, including thicker bags
  • All types of disposable plastic cutlery, tableware and plastic straws
  • Disposable Thermocol Cutlery
  • Non-woven polypropylene bags
  • Any disposable products made from plastic or thermocol including plastic pouches

Items not banned include:

  • Milk pouches
  • Plastic for packing medicine and drugs
  • Bin liners
  • PET Bottles
  • Tiffin boxes and home use containers, pens and tarpaulin

What are the repercussions of not adhering to the ban:

For first offenses, people will be fined Rs. 5,000 followed by Rs. 10,000 for second and Rs. 25,000 for third offenses along with a 3 month jail term.

Plastic Free Alternatives:

  1. Eco friendly tableware and cutlery:

Option 1: Switch to the more durable, stainless steel tableware and cutlery and just give it a wash after meals. This is the best alternative to lead a waste free lifestyle.

Option 2: You can look at the following options for disposable cutlery. Click on the name to see the product page:

Pappco Greenware, Ecoleaf Plates, Ecoware, AstuEco

2. Straws:

Option 1: Using reuseable steel or bamboo straws that you can wash and store. This is the best option in the long term. Click on the words below to see the shop:

Bare Necessities, Bamboo India, Shunya Alternatives

Option 2: If you need paper straws for a small business or for a party, this is where to look:

Pappco Greenware, Bamboo India

3. Reuseable Bags:

Option 1: Make your own cloth bag from old table mats, clothes, sarees, bed sheets etc. Here’s how. OR give fabric to your local tailor to stitch it up.

Option 2: Buy cloth bags from local NGOs and brands:

Mitti se mitti tak, Advitya — This NGO works with mentally challenged adults to make products

Other ways to lead a waste free lifestyle:

Steel Bottles:

Clay Bottles:;

Cloth Diapers:

Menstrual Cups:;

Bamboo Toothbrushes:

Newspaper bin liners for dry and hazardous waste:

Cornstarch Plastic Biodegradeable Bin Liners:;

Organic milk in glass bottles:

Please feel free to suggest more brands in the comments and we can add them to the article.

Let’s switch to eco friendly alternatives and support local businesses in the process.

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