Henry Ford once said —

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses

I think Ford asked the wrong question “What do customers want” instead he should be asking

What makes your travel from one place to another place difficult and timeconsuming using your current mode of transport?

He would have got the answers like “very slow speed”, “no safety”, “fatal accidents”, “no luggage carrier”, “bad weather”, “severe physical stress” No faster horses could address the above pain points.

Above customer pain points could have directly led to the invention of cars as cars…

Here is the quick data exploration using python pandas and seaborn.

Download CSV file from here

Read a CSV file into pandas

>> %matplotlib inline
>> import numpy as np
>> import pandas as pd
>> import seaborn as sns
>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>> df = pd.read_csv("./tips.csv",sep=",")

List top 10 data frame rows

>> df.shape()  (24,7)

>> df.columns

Index(['total_bill', 'tip', 'sex', 'smoker', 'day', 'time',
'size'], dtype='object')
>> df.head(10) total_bill tip sex smoker day time size

0 16.99 1.01 Female No Sun Dinner 2
1 10.34 1.66 Male No Sun Dinner 3
2 21.01 3.50 Male No Sun…

Questions we ask before building an MVP

  1. Which features are the most important features to include in the MVP which will entice the customers to switch over to our product
  2. Which features are not important to focus right now?
  3. To which customer segment, we should market our MVP?

Let’s understand this with an example. Assume you want to launch a ride-hailing app like Uber and Ola for office goers then what should be the answers to the above questions?


  1. MVP should have features that address the unmet needs of the customers and satisfy the already met needs of the customer…

Most of the time when I do the planning, what should we offer next to our customers, I find myself these three most important pillars of product growth really useful.

  1. Finding the underserved customer segments
  2. Finding the unmet needs of customer segments
  3. Finding the blue ocean needs of a customer segment

Finding the underserved customer segments refers to the segment of the customers who are unsatisfied with your current offering because of the complexity involved in the way they use your product — Usually, to serve this segment we need to modify the offering of the original product.

For example

It is human behaviour — We are more intended to click on a link ( URL ) of which we have more information before clicking on it.

In other words, lesser the information provided to the user about the link, lesser would be the chances of him clicking on it.

Lets go through a brief case study

Case 1 ( No Information about the link )

If I ask you to click on a link https://amazinggoggles.com ? Would you do that ? I can bet, CTR (Click through rate) would be pathetic and those of you who will click, will…

When it comes to designing the REST APIs, we primarily brainstorm over below points.

  1. Identifying Resources — So what are resources ? Resources are the entities or objects in database . Am I right on this ? Ok then what about /api/v1/user/unsubscribe ? Am I breaking the REST rules here?
  2. Designing URLs — For sub-resource, it should always be something like this /api/v1/campaign/123/lesson/345. Isn’t it beautiful. Ok so what about accessing lesson directly ? /api/v1/lesson/345 . Some may argue that you can not access lesson directly because it is sub-resource of campaign. But what do I do if I have…

Domain Modelling of an email client

In the last post, I explained the basics of class model diagram and relationships among them.

In this post, based on our previous knowledge, we will do the modeling of a simple email client

Email Client Requirements

  1. User should be able to configure an email account registered with Gmail and Yahoo mail services
  2. User should be able to give username and password for the account
  3. User should be able to send email through selected email service
  4. User should be able to receive email through selected email service

So basically, above requirements boiled down to this

  1. Initial email account configuration
  2. Send email functionality
  3. Receive…

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