It may not be ‘worth’ starting up in India!
Arpit Agarwal

That’s a typical VC and that too an Indian VC outlook .The basic hypothesis behind this explanation is that one can get a certain salary and BTW if there are no entrepreneurs than who will create those jobs . One always knew that numbers are always stacked against the Eco system . Than why were you funding all these start ups and in turn raking in huge salaries and bonuses . And why were you raising that money from your LP’s giving a diametrically opposite view point ? 

Coming these type of analysis from an employee of an early stage VC is against the basic philosophy of any fund which is in that space . Probably wrong profession .

Start up is all about Risk, passion and energy and trying to make a dent , obviously not for chicken hearted and risk cannot be quantified properly . If it was so empirical as explained than no body will start a new venture and how will the jobs be created . Entrepreneurship is a journey and the experience of which cannot be quantified in salary and opportunity cost.

Currently a lot of people in india were chasing “Start up” dream for the glamour attached and being something to flaunt in your social circle . Have seen a ton of them and they crumble at the first instance , specially people with IB and consulting experience (most of it in back office , preparing ppt and xl’s ) and the worst part was that VC firms were also breeding/Promoting similar wannabe entrepreneur . 
My experience is that a typical VC is a very “greedy” and “fattu” herd of people and specially so in india because most of the partners in these firms are in employee format and 80% of them have never run the show , very unlike of US .. Where most partners have created companies from scratch and have gone through the pain so that’s the reason they can identify and connect fast .

What we need in india are these ‘agents of change’ (read entrepreneur) and these ‘Agents of change’ needs partners and mentors and not just ‘Template format VC’s’ because all they have promoted /created and supported lookalike (IIT ,IIM , IVY LEAGUE , consulting , investment banking ) . There will always be some bad cases but the system usually has his self corrective mechanism and throws out its garbage .

Start up or entrepreneurship is an essential part of our genetic system and that cannot be taken away .

As Gandhi jee said and Obama popularised it “Be the change “