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This Yog is created when Mangal (Mars) and Rahu are conjunct in a birth chart. If Rahu and Mangal both are malefic or even if only Rahu is negative then they can create a lot of disturbances in a person’s life as he suffers from Angarak Dosha. But if they are favourable , no negative effects will surface.

Mars is a fiery planet and Rahu is a malefic planet. A combination of these two can be quite destructive. A person suffering from Angarak Dosha will be aggressive and violent; this will create problems in his personal life. He will face difficulties in whatever he chooses to do, and success would be a distant dream.


1. The person becomes short- tempered, aggressive and violent.

2. Females suffering from Angarak Yog may have an irritable and taunting nature which will affect their married life.

3. Chronic illness

4. Frequent accidents which can prove to be fatal as well.

5. Students face difficulty in concentrating on their studies

6. Property related issues

7. Financial loss in business


1. Rahu / Mangal shanti puja should be done.

2. Angarak Yog Nivaran Puja should be done.

3. Worshipping Lord Ganesha can reduce the harmful effects.

4. Offer milk on Shiva ling every day.

5. Keep some water (in a vessel/pot) near your bedside at night.

6. Distribute pomegranates (anaar) on Tuesdays.

7. Do not consume non-vegetarian food.

8. Blood donation can also help reduce the ill effects of this dosha.