KEMDRUM YOG — Effects and Remedies

Kemdrum Yoga

Moon is an auspicious planet. When it is favorably placed then we get a lot of its benefic effects. All dashas are calculated keeping in mind the “Nakshatra” of the natal Moon. It is also the significator of human mind and emotions- which are ever changing. The Moon is an important celestial body, and for it to be alone, can have harmful effects.

Kemdrum Yog is formed when there is no planet on either side of the Moon. There is neither any aspect of the beneficial Jupiter, no any conjunction of it. It is one of the worst Doshas one can suffer from. It is responsible for making a prince — a pauper, literally. Even a person born in a royal family loses all his wealth and property if he is affected by this Dosha.

This yoga is good only for those bereft of worldly desires- those who plan to take “Sanyas” or renunciation.


1. The person loses all his wealth and becomes poor

2. The mind is restless and the person remains unsatisfied.

3. Troubles in professional life.

4. The person develops a tendency to depend on others.

5. He may have a difficult married life and conflicts with his children.


· Offer milk on Shivalinga on Mondays and worship Lord Shiva. Recite the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” on a Rudraksha mala.

· The items that signify the Moon- pearl, milk, curd, buttermilk, rice, silver, water, Kheer etc. should be donated.

· “Shivdaridryadahan stotra” should be recited daily twice or the homam or yagya should be performed by an able pandit ji. Pandit Ashok Bharadwaj of astrovidhi performs this yagya at Ujjain Madhya Pradesh and you can call our cutomer care to know more about it.

· Keep holy water from the Ganga in the place of worship at home.