Predict your Love Life with Love Life Astrology

Love Life Astrology

When we choose a partner, and fall in love, their zodiac sign is the last concern we have on our mind. It’s quite natural, but problems begin later on when the relationship progresses and disagreements occur.
It is very easy to say that you will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your love, and put in all efforts from your side to make it work. But practicing it becomes difficult if you belong to opposite sun signs. Sun signs control your nature, likes and dislikes, abilities — basically everything. How can you go against your very own nature? It’s just impossible. You can change your habits, and try to adopt the things that please your partner, but at some point in life — you’ll break. 
This is where Astrology comes in. You cannot control what will happen in the future, but you can know. Astrology is the science of reading planetary positions in your birth chart and foretelling what future has in store for you.


You must have heard others saying that they are not compatible with someone. 
What exactly is this compatibility? Nothing but similarity — in interests, likes and dislikes and so on.
Many marriages and relationships reach a dead end even though the partners love each other. Why is that? Because their personalities are so opposite to each other that they find it difficult to live under the same roof.
The Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan relationship is the best example of this. Theirs was a love marriage which ended in divorce after a decade of togetherness. The reason is their incompatibility with each other. Hrithik Roshan, being a Capricorn had nothing in common with Suzanne Khan who is a cusp (Libra-Scorpio) and hence their love marriage ended.
Love Astrology can help you judge whether your partner is suitable for you or not. If not, what are the remedies that could make the relationship work, despite the differences? It has all the answers- you only need to ask!