Dhani and The Djinn

Djinn: I can burn you to dust.

Dhani: Its I, who got you out from this well; otherwise you would have still kept rotting in the hell. Instead of being thankful to me, you want to burn me! Try with your might! Let me see what harm your fire can bring to the daughter of Sun

Djinn: Sun is just a star, no one can be a daughter of a star, come out of your fantasy

Dhani: Many people think you to be a fantasy too,

Djinn: but here I am, in front of you, in all my glory

Dhani: your glory is because of my mercy

Djinn: you are a fool

Dhani: you are part of my dream, I have created you and I can destroy you too. It is my playground and my thoughts are my powers here

Djinn: then handle these flame globes

Hundreds of flame globes come rushing towards Dhani but she stays calm, like the wind before the storm.

Each flame globe enters her body and gets

lost like a drop in ocean

Djinn: Impossible

Dhani literally bursts out laughing, the explosion engulfs Djinn, injuring him badly. He falls on ground powerless and in sheer terror.

Dhani re-emerges infront of him. She appears taller than the Everest... Dhani’s continuous laugh lets out a cry from the Djinn’s mouth.

Dhani to Djinn’s horror picks him up and crushes him to pieces and then cleans her bloody hand by rubbing on her forehead and starts laughing again

Dhani’s mother wakes her up by sprinkling drops of Yamuna water on her innocent face...

Jahanuddin baba’s words were still tormenting Dhani's mind.

“your brother will not last long, take him away, take him to the land he belongs to, otherwise Djinn will kill him”