Why I feel betrayed.

Like most Bengalis, I too had a lot of expectations from the Mamata Banerjee Government when it came to power in 2011. The victory of TMC was not just a victory of a political party but a victory of the people of Bengal, of their aspirations, and of their dreams. In Mamata Banerjee, fondly called ‘Didi’, they saw their saviour. Each one of us celebrated that victory of Didi, the ultimate political fighter. Having seen the negative politics of the Left Front Government, people of Bengal wanted a change and they bought the idea of “Maa, Mati, Manush”. They wanted to see “Sonar Bangla” again.

But, today I feel betrayed. The situation of Bengal under TMC has gone from bad to worse. No one knows who is in control of the situation. The Ruling party workers are fearless and have no respect for the law. The place of Left Front’s Harmad Vahini (Political Killers) has been occupied by TMC’s Gunda Vahini. Karyakartas of Opposition parties are being killed on a regular basis and the victims don’t get justice. More than 30 people lost their lives in the recently concluded Panchayat election. Riots have become a regular thing. The law and order situation has totally collapsed.

In terms of Industry and Business, The Left Front Government left a Bengal which didn’t have anything to show to the world. The people of Bengal had a lot of expectations from the new TMC Government. But, the Mamata Banerjee Government has failed to bring any big ticket investment to Bengal. The “Annual Business Summit” has also failed to generate any tangible result. Most youngsters are still forced to leave Bengal for better job opportunities. The “Syndicate System” has dented the image of the State. The business environment is suffering due to this Syndicate System and a negative perception about the State has developed among the investors.

Another key feature of this Government has been its blatant Vote Bank politics. The Government through its various policies and programmes has always tried to appease a certain section of the society. Inaction against the “Bangladeshi and Rohingya infiltrators” gives a clear indication of it.

This is not the Government which we wanted. Mamata Banerjee is more interested in getting the PM chair than serving the people of Bengal. She spends most of her energies in attacking the Central Government and trying to project herself as the next PM candidate.

Today, i feel betrayed as the “Parivartan” which Didi promised during her 2011 campaign hasn’t come in the positive manner. Parivartan has indeed happened but for the worse. I sincerely hope that she realises the gravity of the situation and works for “Maa, Mati, Manush” in the true sense.