How A Tiny Private Enterprise Captured Significant Market Share Of Indian LPG Market — Dominated By Giant State Owned Companies

Indian LPG market is massive — fueled by growing demand for clean cooking fuel in rural and urban households and Govt policy push, demand is expected to grow from 30.6 million tonne in 2021 to 36.9 million tonne by 2030. Though largely dominated by giant govt-owned companies like Indian Oil — a private enterprise has been making rapid inroads in LPG market through its professionalism and market friendly operations.

SUPERGAS, a subsidiary of SHV Energy, is the first and only private LPG player with pan India presence. From its inception in 1996, SUPERGAS has transformed Indian LPG market, dominated by largely state-owned giant corporations, through professionalism, business ethics, strong values and commitment to customer service. Today, it is a leading player with 21+ Filling Plants, access to 6 Terminals and 450+ Franchisees. This is a tremendous achievement — anyone with knowledge of Indian market knows how difficult it is to compete with state owned giant enterprises.

SUPER gas has been associated with for nearly 2 years. They were looking for franchisees — both for domestic LPG cylinder and auto LPG, preferably those who can work as supplier as also installer both. Requirement for franchisee eligibility was specific — investment of INR 2.5 million including infrastructure like storage space, transportation vehicles and security deposit of INR 0.1 million. Being based in Hyderabad — their initial target market was South India.

With such specific requirements — they approached for help in franchise identification. In first phase of association — SUPERGAS received around 25 proposals from eligible franchises within a short time and had a bright start. However, pandemic struck shortly afterwards when market activity came to standstill.

Once the pandemic abated and market slowly came to normal, SUPERGAS renewed their Vanik association in Sep’ 2021 with a plan to penetrate Pan India market focusing on expansion of franchise network in Tier-2 Tier-3 towns. On sustained promotion, within 2 months they received nearly 10 new proposals with more on the way. Proposals came from diverse states like Maharashtra, AP, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Haryana.

SUPERGAS sales team is happy with services and leads as all applicants are ready to invest as per their requirements. The sales team is presently busy in final negotiation. This is another validation of slogan — Online To Offline (O2O) — We Are With You All The Way.


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