The new girl in my city!

It is well evident and proven that I am very much a socially awkward person. I don’t go on talking to new people, or making friends. She was different, very different. A small town girl with big ambitions and good intentions who did not even had a slight hint of fear on her face. She looked like an innocent child when I first saw her, but her eyes spoke a very different story altogether.

New girl in the city

It’s not like she is my best friend or something, but I admire her furious take on life, running away from home trying to make a difference in the careless world. She can survive and she will certainly, she knows her ways to get things done. The first thing that she had to deal with was the perverts around her. People taking advantage of her situation, helping, sweet talking and what not to get her on the shores of perversions. I heard words, I have heard things and cunningly digested everything just to live in the corporate world around me.

She took help from you once, and you start asking if she has food to eat at the 1 o’clock in the night. Seriously, if you think that’s how you gonna get this girl then you gotta get your hands out of your pants and head out of 18+ websites. If that’s not possible at least think once about your sisters, what would be your reaction if they are treated like her.

Where on hell you get the idea if a girl talks to you means she is into you,

Like always said men will be men, but what about the bitches who talk shit about her behind her back. I pity you, girls, she should be getting help from you to settle down and feel like home around you. They chose to bitch about her just because she talks with boys rather than you attitude freak, jealous sluts.

As sensitive as anyone of us!

I must be honest here, I almost had my mind made up, she will be very hard to befriend with, but her talkative nature spoiled my brain like first rain spoils well-settled ground and raises a much-awaited smell to intrigue you. When I thought we would never talk unless it’s about work, we ended up spending quite some time together where I got to know a very new good human being that’s sensitive enough to cry while talking to family staying away or who couldn’t say no to a first salary party though it’s completely ridiculous.

She got an “I don’t care” attitude, but inside she is as sensitive as any of us..!!

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