While upskilling is a key ingredient for growth and sustenance for all individuals and businesses, the time to hone or learn new skills has never been greater than today when life-as-we-knew-it has been traded for a ‘new normal’. In over two decades of my entrepreneurship journey, I have picked up a host of skills along the way and have found some to stand me in good stead (read: The Great Recession between 2007 & 2009, and now, Coronavirus-induced global downturn).

Here are my top 4 must-have skills for leadership and humannessin today’s testing times:

Empathy & Compassion

In the business…

Leadership is not a rank or a position, but action and example. It’s not about authority but influence. It’s not about creating followers, but cultivating leaders.

My entrepreneurship journey has been enriched, time and again, by leaders who in their own authentic way have touched by heart and mind with new ways to solve old challenges, view situations from a fresh perspective and grow into an empathetic, wise and well-rounded leader.

With a view to democratizing this wisdom and help you become the best version of yourself, I am bringing you Leadership Spotlight, an interview podcast series of the who’s…

A look at how business leaders can effectively navigate and respond to a crisis like COVID-19.

While the coronavirus pandemic fuels a crisis of limitless proportions, disrupting millions of human lives with sickness, homelessness and unemployment, I think we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what is means for the world of business. And, as unfortunate and disheartening as it may sound, we are now here close to the end of this crisis.

But, let’s take a step back and really assimilate everything that we have witnessed, suffered and learnt in the past two months of this lockdown…

We celebrated UpsideLMS’ 16th company anniversary on April 7. As the founder of a leading learn-tech company, it’s a feeling of pride to see your bootstrapped, one-room business grow into an 80 people, 1 million user global brand name. As I take in this moment, I can’t help but reminisce about our 16 glorious years in eLearning and distil top 16 lessons I have learnt along the way that apply not just to businesses, but are critical life skills too.

1. IQ matters, EQ matters even more

Cracking the code (pun intended) to learning technology has a lot to do…

All successful businesses sure have one thing in common — strong leadership.


The term evokes a unique emotion within us all, one of respect, trust, assurance and an overall feeling of authority; everything the leader herself has to embody and pass on each and every day. Let’s face it, a leadership position comes with its more than fair share of responsibilities. The role itself denotes responsibility to a larger extent. Today, let us explore the role leadership plays in a business and why strong leadership is critical for running a successful business.

Let’s say you’re gearing up to start…

The word ‘secret’ instantly evokes a strange curiosity among us humans. The very nature of something hidden or unknown to others, and through the knowledge of which one can open up limitless possibilities for self-betterment, be it in terms of information, money or whatever metrics define success in the individual’s everyday life.

And, then there are open secrets, stuff that everyone knows and is actively aware of, yet averse to the implementation of it, majorly attributing this failure to hardship, lack of time, lack of resources etc. However, the only ‘lack of..’ …

There’s little to no doubt that an organization’s leadership defines and drives its mission, value, success and growth. However, there is one more thing that leaders define within the organization — the organizational culture, the kind of influence they have on the organization, be it positive or negative. Leaders have the power as well as the responsibility of driving the organizational culture, which in turn influences the workforce. So, needless to say, building a positive organizational culture is one of the key roles of a leader.

Organizational culture or corporate culture is more than just a corporate buzzword. We often…

Lateral thinking, in my opinion, is one of the most critical qualities for a modern leader and entrepreneur. Abandoning rigid structures, and having the ability to look at challenges with a new perspective and solving problems by perceiving things that others don’t are all traits of a successful leader.

More often than not, things will get stuck at a point where the logical solution approach would fail you. And the pressures and the demands at that point in time will not give you enough time to think elaborately. It is important to keep your cool and approach the challenge calmly…

I am a firm believer of the phrase ‘leaders are not born, they are made’ as it has inspired me to do many things and undertake many endeavors that, during my early years, I felt were out of my reach, like becoming an entrepreneur and founding and leading UpsideLMS.

From humble middle-class roots to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the learning technology space in India, my journey has been fascinating to say the least. After completing my MBA from IIM Lucknow, I was excited to join Infosys, but soon realized that my ambitions lay elsewhere. …

Amit Gautam

Amit Gautam, Founder-Director of UpsideLMS, is a thought leader, a successful entrepreneur in the learning technology space.

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