Are you choosing your contacts lenses right?

A prettier and smarter alternative to eyeglasses, contact lenses are your bestie when you don’t wish to stay confined to frames. It could be that you are actively into sports or have a lavish party coming up where your specs can’t really complement your new dress. Well, surely contact lenses are a lifesaver for such stuff but do you know how to choose the right contact lens for your precious eyes? Not, every lens out there would be suitable for you. However, no worries, folks as the post below entails a brief on how to choose the most fitting contact lens for yourself.

Lens for occasional wear

If you want lenses for occasional wear, such as weekend trips or parties, it’s best to go for soft lenses. These would be comfortable for both part-time & full-time wear and your eyes would get accustomed to soft lenses faster compared to rigid RGP lenses.

Is sharper vision a priority?

If sharper vision is the most important priority for you, then, it’s best to ask your Optical Shop Albuquerque for RGP lenses as they provide way sharper vision compared to usual soft lenses. Moreover, they are acknowledged for smarter visual clarity especially for those with astigmatism and also when you have presbyopia. Then, RGP is the most suitable fit for Keratoconus folks looking for better fit & clarity with lenses. Also, those who are looking for contact lenses post refractive surgery, there cannot be a better option that RGP lenses.

Are you mostly under the sun?

Are you heavily into outdoor sports or into activities that require you to spend a good lot of time under the scorching sun? If that’s the case with you, then it’s best to count on contact lenses with UV guard as harsh sun rays are really damaging for the eyes. You should know here that not all lenses, no matter how premium, are designed with UV protection. These are special lenses and you must consult your Optometrist Albuquerque for the best options here.

Too busy to clean lenses?

This is to mention here that improper maintenance of contact lenses are likely to lead to eye infections. Hence if you have vowed for contact lenses, you should always be careful about their proper care. But then, it’s a busy world today and deadlines and presentations rip off much of your time. So, if you are too packed to care for your lenses, it’s best to go for daily disposable contact lenses. These are soft one-day lenses which you can wear the whole day and dispose off as you retire to bed. This way, you are relieved of the stress of care and maintenance of your lens and you will have a fresh one waiting for you the next day.

Lenses for overnight wear

Do you need lenses for a night-long wear? It could be that you are planning a beach vacation next month and it would be just incomplete without the night-long beach party. In such cases, you would need lenses that you can safely wear overnight. Now, once again, the regular lenses do not allow an overnight wear and the results could be dangerous if you don’t dispose them off at night. In such situations, you have to look for lenses that are approved by FDA for overnight wear. You can consult your optometrist here for suggestions.

Multi-focal lenses

The multi-focal lenses are helpful for those with bifocal glasses. As you cross 40, it’s natural to have two sets of glasses — one for the distant vision and another for near vision. In such cases, normal lenses won’t do and you have to order for multi-focal where a single pair of lens would take care of both the needs.

Lenses for dry eyes

Those with dry eyes or eye allergies often speak of bad experiences with soft lenses. However, the good news is that today you have contact lenses especially designed for those with such stated conditions to ensure a comfortable wear. Thus, before you order the lenses, always inform the optical store about your medical requirements.

Planning for colored lenses?

If you are looking for colored lenses, be mindful about your complexion tone. Those with warm complexion, would look the best in green, light brown, hazel and honey. But, if you speak of a cooler tone, stick to plum, violet or ice blue.

Finally, make sure to check the reviews of the lens brand before you invest.