5 changes for companies to attract top developers

Tech hiring more than supply / demand issue is a process issue. Top things that need to be and can be easily changed are-

  1. Open source contributions not Resume — There is so much public data available that the incremental information that a resume provides is… nothing
  2. Recruitment consultants not agent s— Machine algorithms are already in a far better state to find talent than humans. Traditional recruitment agents have to move to more high value adding services, switching from finding candidates to helping companies in interviewing and communicating better
  3. HR is the last not the first round of interview: HR steps in to smoothen the process and have the final conversation about compensation not the initial conversations during evaluation of tech skills
  4. Interviewer not Interrogator — Interviewer steps in and starts throwing puzzle, coding bombs at the potential hire. Take it easy and also talk about you , your work here. This first conversation is probably the most important step for companies. Sometime you are sure that the person is a top developer so why not just get him straight in a conversation with the CTO? If the CTO doesn’t have time for this then you hired the wrong CTO :)
  5. Problem solving and not puzzle solving — puzzles , live coding tests, whiteboard interviews: all obsolete ways to ensure any top developer never wants to step into the office again. Talking about work, asking about open source contributions and take home context based problem solving is a more accurate assessment of skills