The Boeing Airplanes

The Boeing Company is an American multinational aerospace and defence corporation.
 The Boeing Company is the oldest multinational aerospace and defence corporation in the world. The company was founded by William E. Boeing in Seattle, Washington. Boeing has expanded over the years, merging with McDonnell Douglas in 1997. Currently, The Boeing Company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois since 2001. In 2001, the company acquired McDonnell Douglas.
 Major competitors of Boeing Company are Airbus and Lockheed Martin and all the Russian aircraft manufacturers. 
 In India, Boeing is having technical tie up with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, headquartered in Bangalore. Boeing has a lot of potential in Indian market as well as in the market.
 Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers in terms of revenue, orders and deliveries, and the third largest aerospace and defence contractor in the world based on defence-related revenue and biggest supplier of airplanes in United States. 
 The Boeing Company currently manufactures very advance and sophisticated aircraft and state of the art space systems. The company manufactures airplanes which is far superior than all Russian airplanes.
 GE Aviation and Rolls Royce are the suppliers of engines to Boeing and Pratt & Whitney designs engines for Boeing Defence.
 Boeing is only the aircraft manufacturer in the whole aircraft industry which makes state-of-art and sophisticated commercial airplanes. Then second comes Airbus.
 Airplanes they manufacture-
 Among the commercial jet models there are currently-
 Boeing 737–8
 Boeing 787- Dreamliner
 Boeing 747–8
 Even Boeing 747-LCF — is a giant cargo aircraft by Boeing Company
 Among the military jet models there are-
 Boeing C-17, which is the third largest strategic aircraft in the world and Boeing F-15, which is the world’s one of the fastest and the most sophisticated fighter jet.
 The company manufactures Space systems and space jets for NASA and customised aircraft for US President- Air Force One and for Atlantis.
 The company also manufactures business jets.