The day when I died.

Its a Friday night I am so much high now, I am seeing everything like waves of thousand dreams pass by me and I am standing in center of every thing, ..

Its like yesterday I was so happy and flying into the clouds with love of my life…

Everything was so perfect .. even though we ware million miles apart…Oh yes it was a long destine relationship and it was really something .. at least for me .

I last saw her three years ago…. waving hangs out from train door. It was just a four month relationship but felt like I have spent my entire life with her. In this four month I never missed a single chance to get close to her. , never missed a single date, never reached late.

Every time I use to see her, I felt so good, and I felt like this is it. This is my love, this is my life, she is what I want, she is the one and she is everything, every time we used to mat, I used to watch her like, she is a gift form god and this is the last time I am going to see her.. so I use to put my whole imagination into it and used to make it the best day of my love life… I spent happy four month with her. I hugged her, kissed her, and touched her… I felt her inside my heart like never before, I was soooooooooooooooooo, deeply in love with her.. like she was THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of my body.. just cant live without her…… and she said that she was feeling the same for me…

and then we got apart form each other… we maintained a long distance relationship…. we decided to get marry, We are Indian and its the most heinous crime to fall in love and do fucking love marriage…

we told to our family and as a Indian parents they totally disagreed to it. She suggested to run away and get married any way…. and the wait started… she never got a suitable time to scape.

Once we fixed a date and decided to run away and meet at my big brothers place.. after lots of planing and fighting the final day ca,. and I ran away form my home, she suppose to leave next day .. which she never did.. I fought with her, I cried I was in pain and agony.

She gave thousand of excuses about her bad health…. its been fucking three years seance we got apart, and I never saw her again… the four of moth love was so beautiful that I waited so long for her .. now the only thing in my life was to get her, be with her and spend rest of my life with her, now every hour I was leaving with her was like a curse .. every day I used to cry, use to hug my pillow and cry out loud .. that used to give me some sort of mantel satisfaction ….sometime I used to cry during video chat… and so did she…

she use to tell her problem to face her family and what she was going through , the torture she has to bare every day..

I was also used to feel bad..

like these years passed by… and I keept waiting for … It was like I was waiting for her form a millon years and there was no hope at all, the only hope was the whatapp message of good morning janu (sweet heart) I love you so much and i MISS YOU…. and end of the day there used to be another message saying, I missed you, I cant leave without you, I will try to leave my home soon, dont do anything stuppid , we will meet soon ,… trust me… I love you take care .. ummmmaaa my baby.. ummma ummmaa. you jaan.

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