5 tiny tests to decide if you need a voice app

Voice seems to be one of the most notable opportunities in the market. In the U.S. alone 24% of households own at least one smart speaker (Google/Amazon), which means 80 million potential users.

This number keeps growing sharply (you can read more here and here)

You’re probably looking at these stats and thinking, ”hmm... I should build a voice app”. Well, the truth is that voice can be an amazing fit for your application, but also a terrible one, depending on the use case or scenario.

But How?

So how can you evaluate it? I came up with a fun, easy way…

While building a new platform on Open edX, we were looking to translate the platform for more languages.

By default, Open edX uses Transifex, an open source translation platform, to power the translation of edX software into different languages. All translations are hosted at Transifex.com, which provides a web application allowing translators to write, submit, and manage their translations.

After pulling the translations we were not happy with some of them, so I had to come up with ideas on how to patch those translations.

Solution #1

I tried to change the translation on the project but I had to…


It seems like we all have this “superpower” that we’re not
using enough.
This superpower can help us build better products, make a
design and ideation process much more accurate and
improve everything that we create eventually.


So what exactly are we talking about? well, this is a combination of two skills (that most people have):

  1. Empathy — the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
  2. Imagination — the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses

I’m developing chatbots for some time, and testing them locally was always an annoying part.

I also prefer not to download anything, and also not paying for any service

Let’s go through building a setup, with few simple steps:

1) Create a testing bot profile — It doesn’t matter which messaging platform are you using — need to create a bot testing profile. for example for Facebook Messenger you will need to create a new page, and also a new app connected to this page.

Create a testing bot profile

2) use serveo.net for tunneling — there are plenty of tunneling solutions you can use…

Amit BenDor

Entrepreneur, Developer, Podcaster, Data Scientist, Consultant at amitbend.com.

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