To help a Helpdesk application — a UX Case Study

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Approach ( Identification)

  • constant availability: help should available at all times;
  • consistent user interface: access to and presentation of help information should be the same throughout the system;
  • completeness: all aspects in every detail should be covered, without loose ends;
  • context sensitivity: help obtained should be targeted to the user’s specific context;
  • adaptability: help should be customized to the user’s preference (O’Malley et al., 1983; Orwick et al., 1986)


  • user group is located in a relatively centralized community: onsite employees or in the same vicinity ;
  • help is required for a diverse range of software, hardware, and applications;
  • help should be more task-sensitive and time critical: for example, an onsite employee may be closing a financial agreement and stuck on the very last action of printing the agreement ; .
  • some confidential information is involved: such as social security number and financial turnover numbers of a ;
  • high stress of concurrency and seasonal periodicity of access stress: for example, a final week of financial year ending should have much higher volume than does a winter break.


Key Use Cases

  1. Create a Support Ticket :
  • Go to Helpdesk web application and Create a New Ticket.
  • Choose your Department and Role along with the Employee ID.
  • Select the Category of the ticket (Software /Hardware / Application) .
  • (For Example: Software) Select the Software to which is the issue is related.
  • If the issue is already present in the Commonly Faced Issues List, then select the issue from the issue list ; if not create a new issue with uploading supporting document/screenshot/video(optional) while agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • If the issue is from the commonly faced issues list , User will be presented with a brief summary and steps to solve the same but if not happy with the solution ; a user can create a fresh new ticket to with uploading supporting document/screenshot/video(optional) while agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • User is provided with a unique Ticket ID for future reference.
  • Go to Helpdesk web application and Track an existing Ticket.
  • Search via Ticket ID or Employee ID and Ticket Status.
  • User Views the Ticket Audit Trail and if any textual resolution are provided by the Helpdesk Agent with supporting help documents.
  • User have option to re-open the ticket and accept the resolution and rate the resolution.
Employee Task Flow
  1. Resolve a Support Ticket :
  • Login to Helpdesk Application.
  • On the dashboard under different categories , user chooses to see the tickets assigned .
  • User chooses a ticket and views the details .
  • User can either contact the employee who have raised and give resolution online or can provide a Textual Resolution with supporting help documents and mark the ticket as “Resolved”.
  • While marking the ticket as “Resolved” , the user have to select the channel of communication used to resolve the ticket.
Dashboard : Helpdesk Agent

Design Conclusions


  6. O’Malley, C., Smolensky, P., Bannon, L., Conway, E., Graham, J., Sokolov, J. and Monty, M.L. (1983), “A proposal for user centered system documentation”, Proceedings of the CHI’83 Conference: Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM Press, New York, NY, pp. 282–5.

User Experience | User Research | Human Centered Design | Behavioural science

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Amit Chotia

Amit Chotia

User Experience | User Research | Human Centered Design | Behavioural science

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