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As we all know the world-we-know is going a tremble and so would be the mobility post-COVID will see a tremendous transition. So far known facts of Increasing traffic density and environmental pollution which represent a serious challenge for cities would be the sort to irradiated as the traditional combustion engines would be gradually replaced by new electric-driven concepts. Vehicle ownership would become less important and shared mobility services will be on the rise.

Let's ponder on some initiatives to tackle the problem with innovative mobility services,

Over the last week, I have been asked how does a simple concept of user experience being replicated to the interaction design or more specifically user interface implications. To encapsulate user’s attention more effectively with your design we sought to utilize these design strategies.

The strategy we would be discussing intensively here would be repetition. Repetition in design is different from perceived generally, it empowers design when used in the right way and ensures the messaging to be better understood. The three methods of repetition we would discuss are: repetition, patterns, and rhythm.

For the implication purposes, lets pounder on…

There are many of the blogs, social, cross-engagement platforms where people of all demographics interact multiple times a day. For such brands and agencies, the product/in-house generated content(PGC) which comes from their hired teams are being turned away by the readers/engagers nowadays as it less credibility according to the latter. Today’s customers trust the content generated by the fellow users in regards to such brands and products mainly because they perceive the users do not have any commercial interests and provide an unbiased recommendation.

While in the era of becoming “influencers” , there is a very slight chance people will…

While service design is more than just taking a service and making it meet the user/customer’s need for the service, we often tend to mistake the literal meaning to create a sense of need or desirability in the user towards the service(and product in a larger goal).

A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.

Often or not we counter in our daily business operations from people who target to build things desirable for the user. …

As we all know , a UX design and research process is never complete without a usability and heuristic evaluation of one’s approach towards a solution . We are going to base our heuristic evaluation in-line with usability and design parameters being talked about by Don Norman and Ben Shneiderman.

We are going to evaluate the POPxo Mobile Application basis the common rule of thumb from both of their approaches as follow :



We start with the literature review across the approaches of the car dealers into the current offline model across many of the second hand automobiles shop and their noted experiences and factors involved . While the IndianBlueBook determines the pre-owned car market size accounts to 3.6 million units which sees an increase of 9% from 2016, impacted very heavily by the demonetization diminishing the said market by a factor of 6%. They put the nominal market size as 3.8 million units with a growth rate of 15%.

While basis the Capegemini’s report on Online B2C Sales for Automotive Suppliers

With the Gen X-er debating since they have options to seamlessly order online and then pick up their order from a delivery guy which almost alike a robot’s making all this happens. While some of the tech-savvy restaurants aims at offering food fresh, affordable , fast with a pretty unconventional twist of replacing the old-fashioned waiters and cashiers to everything-in-your-hand-experience.

With the incursion of the computer age in this era , we have set ourselves on path forth of digital experiences . We were made to realize that we are have to consider the actual entity in the any product creation i.e. THE USER . We have to consider all the three level of design while we present ourselves to a problem rather than just solutioning .

In this article we would be taking onwards the system design of Online Help Systems which are crucial in utilization of computing resources . These help systems being consistently in touch with the…

Considering the increasingly high number of registered motor vehicle in India which accounts as total of 21,00,23,289 as on 31.03. 2015 wherein 7 states having more than 1,00,00,000 registered motor vehicles viz. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh as on 31.03. 2015 , comparing this to the parking space available in the city is woefully short with the amount of vehicles added per year. For example , city of Pune with an assumption of having only mere 35% of the 25 Lakh registered vehicles being a motor vehicle (e.g. …

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As a researcher its very overwhelming with information derived from the various sources of user interview such massive amount of audio, notes, video, pictures, and interesting impressions.We need to convert these information chaos into thematic patterns to dwell down on the most interesting aspects of your data and which you can use as the foundation for personas, user scenarios and design decisions.

We have to put forth a proper analysis which will ensure that you go through your data in a systematic and thorough manner, this also makes it easy for other people to understand exactly how you reached your…

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