I should add that I am not racist and have no interest in calling people hate-words.
Al Black

I agree with you that voter fraud is a downplayed risk. However, it takes more than walking in and saying “I am Joe Smith” to vote in Joe Smith’s place. You need to know there is a Joe Smith registered at that location, and that for whatever reason Joe Smith will not show up to vote with ID proving that he is the real Joe Smith and spurring an investigation into your actual identity, followed by litigation and a very steep felony charge. All that for the chance to cast a single vote. Though the risk of some cases of voter fraud exists, there is no reason to believe that widespread in-person voter fraud can affect the outcome of an election. There is, however, a strong and obvious statistical bias in requiring that photo IDs be presented as a prerequisite for voting. For whatever reason, black people statistically have less photo IDs per capita. The Republican establishment has exploited that statistical anomaly as a way to block the black vote and you know it’s true because a few Republican lawmakers have unintentionally come out and flat out said it. You also know it’s true because you’re talking about the same party that will draw donut-shaped districts in their states just to gain another seat in the house.

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