Political Correctness was given as just one example of attacks on personal freedoms.
Al Black

It still doesn’t make sense to me. Obama had 8 years for a coup d’état. He could have done it when the Tea Party gained leadership of the house and blocked every one of his moves just to spite the first black president, yet not since Grover Cleveland has there been a President who signed less executive orders per year of presidency (you have Google — look it up) even though the opposite assertion is the most common Republican talking point against him. He could have done it when the Republican House refused to even talk to his nominee for Supreme Court for an entire year. He could have done it when a dangerously primitive fascist regime was elected to lead our country and erase everything he’s done in his 8 years of office. Your party has been claiming he’s a dictator since the day he got elected. He’s in Hawaii sipping piña coladas right now. I’ve never seen a dictator give up power to the control of his self-sworn enemies as easily as we all saw Baram Obama pick up and leave the White House.

You’ve given enough examples of fascist or authoritarian regimes to probably notice a pattern — a fascist regime requires a fascist leader, a strongman, a tough talker, a man of action who will fix what is “broken”. Who is that man on the left? We’ve already established that it’s not Barak Obama, otherwise he would still be in the White House. So who is it then?

Your President, on the other hand, is testing the waters right now for an actual coup d’état and you don’t seem to care, or even be aware of the real threat to our democracy. As long as the liberals lost, you’re happy.

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