If you question something, people will question you
Gabriel Yoran

If it were just that simple




  1. the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.
  • a particular system of philosophical thought.
  • plural noun: philosophies
  • “Schopenhauer’s philosophy”
  • the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience.
  • “the philosophy of science”
  • synonyms:thinking, thought, reasoning
  • “the philosophy of Aristotle”

Such an encompassing subject of what philosophy is right? It is sub divided into every facet of life, thus every subset of ideas has a philosophy associated with it and the questions and answers that come with it. They also seek to justify their own positions, sometimes through thoughtful analysis, and other times through the gut feeling, nevertheless, folks will live their lives based on the feeling.

I believe that folks should question why they feel what they feel and then live their lives accordingly and accept the consequences that come with that. Thus a bank robber can feel fully justified stealing from a bank however society can in return feel justified for locking him up for doing so.

There are folks that would argue with that and with some justification, right? After all, the deposits are insured and who is he really hurting if no one gets killed. The rich folks? That's a very shallow level of thinking, however it seems the end of the pool that a bunch of folks do their critical thinking in.

Folks also use the word philosophy and then use it in a question of how we live in light of all the subjects it encompasses, thus when they come to a conclusion they believe is of great intellect and depth, they seem to say the all encompassing “We” live like this or that and We should instead value a different this or that. Where does this clairvoyant knowledge come from? Does the deep thinker have every fact of every fact of everything that happened in every instance available to know what all the “We’s” are currently thinking, let alone what they thought of the past and its interpretation going forward into the future based on their individual life experiences? In other words, where is the infinite knowledge one would need to know what or why we think what we think and thus move forward in that mode of thought?

This is not to argue the value of thought, but the notion of “We”. I will tell you what brought me to this point in how I think on philosophy.

Nietzsche and the misuse of his writings. Without delving into the depth of the Abyss, it is his writings that were used to evolve the idea of the superman in Germany. Will to Power, which he never published, thank his sister, did. Now how do you totally get a civilization to admit God is dead AND get them to lose their values? You turn them on to a new philosophy, where they are a super race and all others are parasites. At that time, you are able to build a society from the ground up with NO judeo-christian foundation. Thou shalt not kill, steal, dishonor mother and father yadda yadda, all go by the wayside. All others not of the race are deserving of murder and wealth confiscation. Children were urged to report parents not adhering to the regimes doctrine. There plenty of examples of how to get rid of the so called values of the west in favor of the reichs values.

I see this in the post modernist of today that would have us just discard the west judeo christian based values. But how can they do this without saying that is the base? If you say murder is evil, what do you base that on. Theft? Rape? There is only one way, and that is the way Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Pol Pot did it. Make a new religion.

So, I am big for your values and social order running your life and those that chose to live in and around those values and I mine. Thats individuality and independent choice. When the word “We”is then used, I perk up and listen, at that point, society is trying to take away my “I” in the name of the greater good.

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