Is the way you are thing making you happy

Over the years of my life span, they are in excess of 50, I have had many conversations with many different folks.

When I was in my teens and up into my 30’s, these conversations were often long and had merit. I would listen to folks and they to me, then we would get to walk away and think on what we had learned. Now it was not that apparent right? If it was a confrontational meeting, I would walk away either happy or mad, depending how the conversation went, but the fact is, I had to think about it either way. I did not have some social media I could then go and bloviate about my victimhood, or my knighthood in slaying the other’s argument. I could go to other people around and either complain or pontificate about the conversation and then receive feedback from those sources. But, they were people in my immediate sphere.

The fact of the matter is. I had to do this within a sphere of folks that I knew and that I had responsibility to and had to live with and around, so there were real consequences for my words. I could not just post some random thought that was obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious, and then skirt away thinking how cute I was. Responses from folks you do not know may give a person a feeling of relevance, it does nothing for his or her immediate social peer group. It is, in essence, a nothing burger of immediate gratification much akin to porn. There is no substance when you do not know if the other person actually cares.

This is what brought me to the point of this little blurb. Is the way you are thinking making you happy. Maybe the better question is whether the way you are thinking relevant to those on the internet, many of whom you do not know, or the people around you. I tend to believe the latter makes us happier or at least less miserable, as the people around us that have real influence in our lives.

There are those that would say that the internet also has influence, and I would agree, however that influence has to be seeked out and invited in, thus you bring whatever chaos voluntarily, whereas family and friends are relationships that matter whether they are good or not and must be dealt with. You can shut off the internet with little consequence, family and long term friends not so much.

So I asked the question, is the way you are thinking making you happy. How many folks will put the word “what” in the place of “way” when reading that question without even knowing they did? Till now.