My thoughts of current political landscape

This the way I look at post-modern folks.

I grow up in social environment that teaches me the sky is blue. I run into a post-modernist who tells be that the environment I grew up in is corrupt and that the sky is red. To settle the argument we have to go outside our respective cultures and ask a third person who then says that we are both wrong and the sky is green.

I stick to my principle and say that they are both wrong, the sky is in fact blue. The other 2 form a coalition because they both agree that I am wrong and should pay a price in not agreeing with them that I am wrong. To do so, they each have to agree that they have subtle differences in their own opinion, but the higher cause is to discredit me and if unable to just shame me into submission, destroy me.

In agreeing to unite against me, the only argument is that the sky is not blue, but it never addresses what the color of the sky IS, as in their fight against me it is not important to know this, it is only important that they do not have the power to force me to say I am wrong.

This is important to me as a way of thinking, because that is what these leftist have done. They have a coalition of folks that literally, even if they succeed in destroying me, will have to destroy each other. This is most obvious in the way certain religions think of dealing with homosexuals or in where women fall on the hierarchy.

This is why I believe in the liberty and freedom of the individual in thought. That a person believes the sky is red or green does not matter a wit in how I live my life. I do not need to destroy them. I will not let them just walk on me in this pursuit, I will make the better argument without the threat of force to do so. Life is way to short to think of how I can make someone else’s life miserable while not improving my own lot as an expense.

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