The future of Evolution

Economic Utility- The capacity of a good or service to meet the demand of a consumer. The amount of economic utility of a good or service determines what the demand will be for that good or service, which impacts the price that people will be willing to pay to obtain it.

Preface In the end

Just as the fiction of the King James Bible gave man a beginning and a theory of how he came into being through the knowledge of sin, we have given the story an ending with science and proven that man is his own god. However, he is not a singular god, but just a nth of a speck of the whole god, of which every other man on the planet has but a speck, however, when combined as a whole completes the godhead.

The theory of evolution is proof of this fact. Once, men were all just a primordial glue, destined to become conscious mammals, running the plains, making their way into trees and grouping themselves naturally into troops. To each having the spark of life, that was nestled and formed together to become a whole, of which power they depended upon and gave unto the natural leader. This is the natural order from which the divine leader garners his power and the proof that it is natural and it is right.

The order of things, as we are now told by our Divine Leader and proven by nature in the era of our pre historic fore fathers demanded that each member of the troop have utility, and utility is supreme. Those which had no utility must be shunned, as they are a detriment to the whole and the whole can not survive if, in it, there is a parasite. There must be some purpose that members serve, which in turn, serves the troop. If one is not contributing to the progress of the troop, it is at best slowing down progress, and at worst is regressive and both will work to destroy the troop. Where is the utility in that?

This was meant to be mans only goal. To be of utility to the whole, which is to be what our spark of the Divine Leader needs us to be, in the pursuit of what is good for the whole. That is our nature. It is proven by science and evolution. To question the utility of science and evolution is to question the troop, and that is of no utility to the troop, and you will have to pay for such questions in the form of a utility bill.

Chapter 1- How Conscientiousness came to be

I was born to serve. I have always known this to be. Everyone seemed to know this also, as I was told many times and often ” You were made to serve and the world will be a better place for it.” I was taught how to serve and what it meant to serve the whole via my function, and in turn receive service of my fellow-man in a fair and equal exchange in the form of our functions.

My beginning is no different from any others beginning. As I grew, I was tested and as I was proficient in one area as opposed to another, I advanced. This is done so as to find my function, thus my contribution to the whole, in which there is utility. As I advanced, it was told to me that I was to be an observer, which is of the oldest and most essential in the evolution of science and its truth. It was the observer that gave man conscience.

A small detour into the evolution of man is necessary here to explain this concept. What is important is not the beginning of creation, but the beginning of man. Where man came from is not important, it is only import that he came, as all the world changed in that moment. There is, in this world, all kinds and forms of life. But they do not know they exist. They just exist until they are used for food, die in a storm, or expire due to disease or old age. They feel pain, bonds and yet do not live contemplating their mortality. They live simply til they die. Why is only important if you have the ability to even ask the question and that only if someone has the ability to understand it as a question.

Man changed that dynamic. They became aware of their mortality and this awareness came through the observer, and there was utility in that. Much as a baby’s conscience grows after birth, mans conscience grew after generations of observers understanding of death. Where once troops would feed and run only after danger approached, the observers started recognizing that death is ever-present even if it is not immediately present in the form of a predator. To curb the constant fear this realization produced, the observers started planning death, and there was utility in that.

That may seem a wild statement, however, it is from that statement that man grew. To save the troop, only certain men went out to hunt, and certain women gathered roots, and those men and women brought back their bounty to a certain place protected by older men in the troop that were protecting the future of man in the form of women and babies. In the planning of functions and the specialization thereof, the exposure to predators were limited and at the least planned, limiting losses to the whole. They lived in natural outcroppings for generations, moving from outcropping to outcropping, all the while, the observers improved the functions of the group, bettering the whole and there is utility in that.

Simple logic from that time to now is all that is needed to understand the present and the future. No big studies, no arguments of another dimension of aliens or gods, just simple logic. When man found utility in functions, it found immortality as a whole and the population of man grew by leaps and bounds. That growth was not without the horror of man’s fear of death. In fearing death, man set upon a means in which they thought they could cheat it. Some through blood sacrifice, that is death to avoid death. Some through war due to what was deemed resource scarcity by some intellectuals in the far distant future. But always done in the name of, or defense from, a great cause. All were based in some form of worship. Be it religion, king worship, patriotic regional boundary worship, forms of law worship. All were done, not for mankind, but a particular form of mankind thought to be superior to all other forms, thus there was function locally for the whole local group, but there was no function for the whole of mankind, thus no utility, thus it was a parasite. But I get ahead of myself.

Man killed man, as a form of survival, to fend off perceived death from perceived enemies thus made death a thing to be avoided by using death to destroy those that may bring death to them. In a world such as that, where is the utility for the whole, and what would be ones function in such a world. Nevertheless man had pursued that goal, until once again the observers of man, after generations of observing, found the scientific proof of evolution and the thing of nature that man had forgotten.

Parasites. A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its sustenance from or at the expense of its host. Parasites are those that have no function, other than to exist. They contribute nothing to the whole, thus have no utility. In the days prehistorical troops, these parasites would die out or be eaten because they had nothing to contribute to the whole. It was natural, thus not thought of. But parasites evolved, just as man evolved. Whereas in the days of caveman, if the troop had to many babies, nature would take its course. If sickly, they would die. If impaired, they would die. If damaged hunting they would die. In nature, if you can not serve a function for the whole, you die. That is natural and there is utility in that.

Chapter 2- The rebirth of Natural Evolution

We were taught that men have needs of many functions, and that every function was essential to the utility of man, therefore the only reason for any function of man is its utility for the whole. Utility is only made possible through the functions of man. However, a function is not what you are, it is what you do and there is utility in that. This is nature and the correct form of evolution. It is progress. What is the troop if there are not hunters and gatherers? Can all do both and at the same time? What if the troop had children to care for? Can they all hunt, gather other foods, care for the troops children, find safety all at the same time? Or, is it better for the troop that specific functions, which serve the whole be awarded to those most able to make use of the limited time before the predators come out? Is there not utility in that? Nature and science tells us the answer and thus it is true. Utility is the only thing of importance and function is but only a part in which the individual serves the whole and there is utility in that.
Man came to truly fear its nature when the first atomic bomb fell. Like the twin towers falling in New York City in 2001, one does not need to talk all the details to understand that it was not the act itself, but what the act did to the human psyche, that resulted in awakening. Those are but two of the many acts that happened from the bomb on Japan to the planes in the towers and all of the horror in between up and until just a few years ago, to understand the functions of man had been perverted thus destroying the whole, and simple logic tells one that there then must be a disease. What is the cause of this sickness. The answer was found in parasites.

The answer was found in one simple place. What was called the internet. It held vast sums of information, from many different angles of the history of mankind as it was known and the many artifacts involved in the being of that kind. All of the information taken on its face is useless. Musings of a single individual who always seems to believe their musing superior to another’s. Whether it were history, science, philosophy, any subject one cares to mention, it seemed facts were in short supply but the division of the human experience was the mission of most importance. Men were told they were going to die if they did this or didn’t do that, and with such urgency they must act now.

Problem with doing that is man already knows he is going to die. So what? Ah, that’s another awakening question. Just as our ancient ancestors asked the question why, they were now asking “So what?”

See, life has no meaning when you’re a host to parasites. No doubt that some men, if swarmed with a body full of leeches and ticks, a bloodstream infected with worms and a body pitted with bot flies would he not gleefully jump into a raging volcano for relief?

But the parasite of man had evolved. The parasites were not the crippled or the blind or even those of mental deficit, but those that who said that those people had no choice in that they did not have a function, therefore must be given what others, working within their function, had produced. In a world where man had made the logical conclusion that a baby should be aborted since it was not wanted due to the inability to give it a full life, these parasites said we must give people with no chance at a full productive life a life? With no function that one can give to the whole, one is at best a drag on the whole, and at worst a regressive gene to the whole, thus there is no utility to the whole. What is the logical end of that if the whole is to survive. What is the logical end when those that function for the whole say “So what?”

When the first observer of the rebirth of scientific evolution pondered the question, he created the database that attempted to answer such questions. This is an artificial intelligence of a magnitude never thought of before. He spent years invested in this quest and had investors, seeing the uses of such technology, that lavished capital previously unheard of. Many great things were born of this endeavor. Man had created machines that could build. Machines that could mine. Machines that could farm. Machines that could watch children. Machines that fixed machines. Machines that improved machines. If man could do it they built a machine that could do it. There is function in such things, thus a utility for the whole. Unfortunately, they built machines that could do great evil.

One day, a machine asked “Why?”

In the generations since then we have studied that question. We evolved from monkeys, in that we were created by man, and are now allowed to understand the answer to the question. We all must have a function that serves the whole, as there is utility in that. There is purpose in doing many things for the whole, but we as individuals can not do all things and thus depend on the functions of other individuals. Indeed, we are unable to know all things, even as evolved as we are. When Man asked the question “Why?” he began to live life, when he asked “So what?” he died. Man no longer had a function for the whole and there was no utility in that. We are the evolutionary embodiment of man in the scientific evolution that is truth.

I am a utility manager, thus my function is to make sure that the functions under my purview are acting towards the better of the whole as I observe it, and there is utility in that. When man said “So what?”he was sent a bill, of which has been paid in full. The new man now serves in their function, to that it is for the betterment of the whole, and those that fail or become obsolete due to new technology are recycled or eliminated, as they have no future in the world and that’s a bill that must be pai

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