Things to Know Before Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is a vast field of procedures, which includes all the surgical methods that are employed in situations which require massive weight loss, due to obesity, diabetes or both. Unlike Liposuction, it is not a Cosmetic surgery, hence it is usually carried out with the recommendation of a doctor or healthcare professional, generally for morbidly obese people.

Before opting for weight loss surgery, you need to be aware of quite a lot of facts. There are many dietary do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind, both before and afer the surgery. There are other regulations also, which will ensure you get the maximum result. Let’s talk about them.

1. Bariatric Surgery is not a quick fix

All the well-known clinics that perform Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore will vouch for the fact that you can not just opt for the surgery and then magically expect to lose weight. To see good results you will have to put in equal amounts of effort, both in regulating your diet, practising healthy habits, giving up your vices and in working out as your body requires. If you don’t keep up the standard of lifestyle required of you, then the surgery can fail, and you can revert to your original weight.

2. You need to know about Dumping Syndrome

Because of the recently operated upon and adjusted digestive organs, you might experience Dumping Syndrome. This happens when undigested food from the stomach rushes into the now shortened bowels, which are still not prepared to handle on the load, which then rushes to the small intestines along with a lot of fluid, causing a diarrhoea-like effect of “dumping”. This can be avoided by staying away from high sugar, high fat foods and water during mealtimes.

3. You will struggle to drink the required amount of water

Your water intake needs to increase by a large margin, if you want the surgery results to be effective. But what nobody tells you is that because of your shrunken stomach, its going to be really difficult to consume so much water.

4. Your apetite will be altered

You will not be able to consume food in the same quantities that you used to before the surgery. If you try to overeat it might even make you sick. You will be required to eat smaller portions that your now-smaller stomach will be able to digest properly. Continued overeating even after the surgery might result in reversing the positive effect of the surgery and take you back to your pre-surgery weight.

5. Your post-surgical weight loss might plateau

Even if you’re following all the dietary and workout regulations, there is a possibility that your weight loss curve will just plateau one day. However there is no need for alarm if this happens. This can be rectified by changing the exercise pattern or certain food habits. Consultation with your doctor or your dietician is required at this stage.

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