How a Mexican Restaurant used Facebook to decide its menu- Qdoba’s Queso Showdown

Qdoba’s Queso Showdown

Though we realise that Facebook marketing has reached its decline stage almost completely, certain brands are still leveraging the potential of the social media giant- Facebook. Various types and genres of brands are nowadays using the social media domain to ensure a wider reach and frequency in the market. Even so, brands are organising ad campaigns,social media campaigns on various social networking websites such that they are able to target the biggest community at once.

Qdoba Mexican Grill is a chain of fast casual Fresh Mex restaurants in the United States and Canada serving Mexican-style cuisine. They on Facebook ran a viral campaign which engaged the fan base and brought much insightful results along with an increased traffic to its facebook page.

The brand organised the, Qdoba’s Queso Showdown, a campaign wherein the fans had to vote between two dishes. the dish that won would be given out by the brand to whomsoever registered for it for free on a single day. The most striking feature of the campaign was the way Qdoba updated the results in real-time over the contest. A regular update of the results made it more exciting and encouraging for fans to participate in the campaign. It showed how fans are still engaged with the effort, and generated more buzz and excitement around the whole endeavor.

A good, old-fashioned vote is one thing and using this particular theme to their benefits is another. after the completion of the campaign, the whole of 28th April Queso DIablo (the winner of the contest) could be added to any entree for free in all participating Queso restaurants as an add on to their order.

The campaign worked out in favour of the brand even when the concept of voting has withered out. Fans of the brand showed keen interest as such the campaign was able to increase user engagement and take it to an entirely new level. A post on the official page of the brand on Facebook read, ‘The votes were closer than anything we’d ever seen — 16,664 for Queso Verde and 16,680 for Diablo — but in the end, Queso Diablo pulled through for the win!’

Qdoba should be happy on this. A thorough increase in the traffic by using a basic concept on facebook is not happening a lot these days.