The winds raced against the tides towards the shore. The waves crashed the rocks while the wind had its random targets. The chaos had its own symphony, the symphony had its own effect. Laced with the notes of the past, it put me into a song of my memories with every note touching the high and low node of the rhythm.

A part of me, which had been dormant, woke up. All of that came back to me. Suddenly, the essence of missing someone or being incomplete, dawned.

I missed the warm touch, which always gave a rest to my excitement. I missed the fragrance of her breath, which always created an all together different ecology for my emotions. I missed the look of her eyes, which carried vision. I missed her long strands of her hair, which has always been a shade to my nomadic soul.

I could see the waves complete themselves crashing into the rocks, the winds complete there randomness crashing into the mountains, the sky completes itself in the horizon. Of course Nature has its own way of teasing. It showed me all the things that had their own destination.

I missed mine !!!!