Accessibility yes you can contribute too..

As a web developer we can take some steps improve awareness about accessibility.

First let us make sure that we have a good idea why we required to make application accessible. if you have not gone through probably this Target Corporation lawsuit can help you about the accessibility importance

So try to go through some guidelines to make sure that you have brief idea about accessibility . One thing we can definitely do by asking some simple questions in Interview about accessibility like WCAG, WCAG 2.0, Sec 508 etc.

So next time when you ask about isolates scope in angularjs directive at the same time you can ask about text alternative for non-text content. It will make sure that web developers are going through some basic learning accessibility guidelines before coming to interview.

Why I am advocating for this because I have seen the usage of this. May be your company is not insisting upon implementing this in current application but as a web developer it’s our responsibility to make sure web is more accessible to everyone.

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