Be Real time Real

I think therefore I write…

Just feel like talking about reality — An axiom from my side: ‘Reality is nothing but widely accepted perception’. I have always had this thought cross my mind, I know for sure this isn’t a unique thought or an idea but certainly it is a universal truth — (over confidence, may be).

Between true and false is a whole universe of the unknown, that which can’t be proven by scientists or philosophers or either of them; Now let’s not get into mysticism or religion, simply let’s talk about infinite — it is indefinite and thus there’s no explanation for it.

I have always remembered the ‘Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle’… “it is impossible to measure two properties of a quantum object, such as its position and momentum, simultaneously with infinite precision.” There you go… that’s the quantum world — but pretty much if you think what we define as the real world — our real world, the principle of uncertainty can be applied to predicting any person’s life situation and their impact in life real time with infinite Inaccuracy, etc. with few combinations here and there — just a food for thought to everyone.

On that note, keep thinking, try and be real time real, go with the flow… Cheers!

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