Galaxy Note 3 vs. LG G Flex — Has LG succeeded in making mark with curved display?

Samsung is often considered the leader in smart phone category for Android phones. The company has wide range of premium line-up of smart phones, the Galaxy Note 3 being one of the popular smartphone or phablet. LG Electronics is also a well known name in smart phone category. LG Electronics G Flex smart phone with 6.0 inches curved display can be considered as a competition to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as both have bigger displays. Both smart phones have something unique that stand out. The Galaxy Note 3 has S Stylus Pen while the G Flex has a curved display. We will compare both premium phones and find out them more in detail.

Design and Dimensions
Despite using plastic body in its premium phone, Samsung has tried to give a different treatment altogether to enhance the look of the Galaxy Note 3. The smart phone sports a chrome frame around its body which gives a premium feel. The back cover sports a leather finish with stitches that look real. The dimensions of the Galaxy Note 3 are 5.95x3.12x 0.33 inches and it weighs around 168 grams. The G Flex is the first smart phone with curved display from LG Electronics. The uniqueness of the curved display is it follows the human face curvature. The result is the microphone is more closer to your mouth and the phone is more comfortable to hold despite its bigger size. The curvature is also perfect for playing games and watching movies in landscape mode. The dimensions of the Galaxy G Flex are 6.32x3.21x0.34 inches and it weighs around 177 grams. The Note 3 has an S Stylus Pen that allows the user to take notes just like paper and pen.

The Note 3 features a Super AMOLED display having a HD resolution (1080x1920 pixels) and pixel density of 386 ppi. The LG G Flex has curved P-OLED display having a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 245 ppi. The LG G Flex has a bigger screen measuring 6.0 inches while the Note 3 has 5.7 inches display. Both phones have Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

The Note 3 and LG G Flex have 13MP rear shooter while the front cameras in both phones are almost similar; the Note 3 has 2MP front camera while LG G Flex has 2.1MP front camera. Both phones have good photography friendly features like ability to use front camera and rear camera at the same time to record video and click pictures, panorama, HDR, geo-tagging and face detection.

The Note 3 has two hardware configurations; in some models the Note 3 has Snapdragon 800 chipset with Krait-400 CPU and Adreno 330 GPU combination while in some models the Note 3 has Exynos 5 chipset with Cortex A-15 CPU and Mali-T628 GPU. You get three variants of the Note 3- 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB. The LG G Flex has 32GB internal storage space. The Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB RAM while the LG G Flex has 2GB RAM.

Final Word
Despite the curved display, LG G Flex was not successful in attracting Android users. If you look at both phones, you can see both have similar type of hardware and camera features.

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