Dynamic Bookmarks for ReviewNB

Amit Rathi
2 min readMar 11, 2019

This is a short post for ReviewNB users describing how to navigate quickly from GitHub to a relevant page in ReviewNB. If you are unfamiliar with ReviewNB, you might want to skip this and learn more about us on our homepage first. Let’s dive in.

The URL structure for ReviewNB is intentionally kept the same as that of GitHub. E.g. https://github.com/tensorflow/docs takes you to tensorflow docs repository on GitHub. If we just replace the github.com with app.reviewnb.com then we’ll land on same repository on ReviewNB. This URL structure identicalness holds true for other GitHub pages (PR, commits etc.) as well.

Given above, it’s super easy to add a bookmarklet (bookmark with Javascript) that replaces github.com domain with app.reviewnb.com. Here are instructions for chrome but similarly you can add bookmarklets to any browser.

  • In chrome, go to Bookmarks -> Bookmarks Manager
  • Click on Add new bookmark in upper right corner
  • Give a convenient name and paste following Javascript in URL section:
javascript:(function(){ window.open(window.location.toString().replace(/.*github\.com\/(.*)/, 'https://app.reviewnb.com/\$1'), '_blank').opener = null;; })()

This piece of Javascript simply replaces github.com in the URL with app.reviewnb.com and opens the new URL in a new tab.

For GitHub Enterprise installations, simply replace github.com with your own GitHub Enterprise endpoint.

  • Now anytime you are on GitHub and want to access ReviewNB page for that Repository/PR/Commit, just click on newly created bookmark under the bookmarks tab.

That’s it. Hope it makes your review workflow even easier. Special thanks to Billy Lamberta for recommending the bookmarklet approach.