drink healthy to remain healthy

There is a considerable amount of hype going around alkaline water benefits. But before discussing its benefits let us learn about “free radical theory of aging”.

Among the many theories proposed to explain the cause of aging , free radical theory of aging is the most popular and most widely known.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules which have deficiency or excess of electrons. Oxidative free radicals are free radicals with excess of electrons.

This theory says that the process of aging is due to the cumulative oxidative damage that cells suffer due to free oxygen radicles like super-oxide ( O2− ).

But due to recent scientific studies in this field it has since been expanded to encompass oxidative damage from other reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), or peroxynitrite (OONO−).

Harmful effects of free radicals
1. Cause skin aging and damage
2. Cause damage to cells and organs
3. Can also cause acidity in stomach.

How to counter free radicals??

It is basic chemistry , when there are acids present alkalis react with them to create water and salts.in common language, to counter the oxidants a person has to consume anti oxidants rich food or water.

These antioxidants are generally present in foods like nuts and fruits. But due to a fast food preferring population these foods are seldom consumed making the body deficient in these important compounds. A new and better approach towards consuming these antioxidants is by consuming water rich in antioxidants.

Alkaline water was traditionally available as water from natural sources like springs and holy lakes.this water had miraculous properties like curing acid reflux and anti-aging properties. But due to population explosion and increase in pollution levels these natural sources have become very scarce or ineffective. Now a days many companies have started selling water ionizers and alkaline water filters. These products are easily available on shopping sites.

Benefits of alkaline water :

  1. Anti-oxidant: these water has a greater number of hydrogen atoms and hydroxil ions these substances are very effective in converting ROS into water.
    2) Anti aging property: when excess ROS are converted into water , cells suffer very less cumulative damage which reduces the aging of the cells in the body.
    3) Better hydration potential: alkaline water contains a large number of water clusters which are very small. These small water clusters easily penetrate fine cell membranes and hydrate the cells better.
    4) Rich in micro-minerals; alkaline water is rich in trace minerals like Ca,K,Mg,Se and Na . These trace minerals are very important in the right functioning of the body.

In conclusion, we can say that alkaline water is very beneficial to the body. Although the initial cost of investment may deter you from investing in a quality water ionizer , the health benefits easily outweigh the sheer cost of buying the ionizer.

Drink healthy to live longer.