Enjoy Outdoor lunch with free standings awnings protecting you from harsh sunlight

Exposure to Sunlight is the most common cause of skin cancers. Whether it is long term exposure or short periods of intense exposure exposure to sunlight increases your chances of developing some or other form of skin cancer such as BCC or SCC. These two types of cancers are the most dominant and claim maximum victims.

All cancer research and prevention societies recommend some or other type of protection against the UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays . These rays are not properly filtered out by the ozone layer and cause cancer. The actual damage done to the DNA accumulated many years before the actual symptoms appear. Which means you may be suffering continuous DNA damage without even knowing it. The sunlight contains two harmful UV components:

1.UV-A : makes up most of our natural sun light. It goes deeper into the skin and causes skin aging. It has also been linked to skin cancer.
2. UV-B : is most likely to burn the skin and is the main cause of non melanoma skin cancer.

These rays are more harmful to people with lighter skin tones and can cause accumulated damage very easily. When you are planning family gathering in the lawn or planning an event like lunch or an early dinner protection from harmful effects of sun becomes very necessary. Free standing awnings are beneficial when outdoor events are more common. Outdoor events include breakfast on decks, pool side or in the garden. Garden and pools are located a bit far from walls , because of these the traditional wall mounted awnings are rendered useless. Stand alone awnings are helpful in many ways:

1.Chemical free skin protection: with stand alone awnings there is no need for applying Sun lotions 
 2. These are not a permanent structure so you can remove them and keep them away in attic or a garage when not in use.
3. Maintain a cooler environment and shade even in the harshest of sunlight. Awnings keep the temperature by up-to 20 degree centigrade and provide ambient shade in all weather conditions.

All stand alone awnings provided by leading manufactures come in two variants :

1. Manually operated: the awning can be retracted by using a hand crank supplied by the manufacturer
2. Motorised : this is the most comfortable solution and awnings can be .Easily operated by using a remote that accompanies the main product.
These awnings are a boon for anyone who arranges regular house parties.

Stand alone awnings are also a great way to create a love nest in the garden or set up a breakfast table in the garden or by the poolside.