UX improvements for Facebook Messenger.

With time, Facebook Messenger app has improved a lot on features, but the UX is not keeping up at same pace. Instead of waiting for it to be fixed magically, I thought of sharing feedback on how to make the UX exemplary.

This is how the messenger app UX looks currently.

These are the problems with it:

1. This user icon does not translate well here, because this is also an icon for contacts. It is specially confusing here because home screen has access to contacts as well (point 9).

2. The bar is white. It needs to be of different color for a good UX translation.

3. Text “My Day” is not center aligned.

4. Gradient is Gray. it cannot be Gray in a Blue app. It has to be Blue for lucidity. Gray gradient looks like a hole in the app.

5. All images should be circular or square for symmetry. Square suits better here.

6. Human eyes need borders to distinguish UI elements well.

7. All great UX experiences offer darker shades as opposed to lighter ones. Shade of Blue needs to be a little darker.

8. The circle looks like a home button, which it is not. As the “My Day” already has a + at upper portion of app, addition of + inside circle makes sense.

9. The icon here is used to open options in most other apps. It is not a good choice for contacts.

I went ahead to address these issues and designed a messenger home screen that I would like.

Here it is:

With all the design elements right, this design looks very professional, and is super user friendly (and my heart melts).

I wish messenger had this UX.

Lastly, “My Day” feature sometimes shifts to middle of the app like below.

This seems like the sinkhole of the Lake Berryessa , giving a feel like something has broken. I wouldn't recommend that. Sticking to top is the best bet.

On ending note, here is the comparison of the current state of messenger UX VS proposed state.

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