Introducing Amity (Media Kit)

A complete messaging experience, with a new level of interaction.

Amity on iOS and Android (beta). Download the app here:

Why We Exist

For the past 2 years, our startup (8 engineers and designers) has lived in a house, working hard everyday to build an app called Amity. In fact, we’ve done this in total secrecy, self-funded, and isolated on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia.

Communication is more than just words, yet the way we currently interact in existing messaging apps is nowhere close to what we experience in real-life.

So we entered the house on day one with a singular mission to create a new communication experience that enables a deeper level of connection. One that’s more complete, more human, yet simple for anyone to use.

Now, we’re excited to introduce Amity to the world.

Amity — Experience a new level of interaction.
Amity HQ—our startup house where we have built Amity.

Introducing Amity

Amity lets you experience a new level of live human interaction.

It is the first interactive messaging app that brings everything together in one place, and introduces new layers of real-time communication. Now you can communicate with your friends using Live Mode, live emojis, live touch, interactive messages, high fives, thought messages, photos, videos, locations, postcards, voice messages, and much more — without leaving the app.

All in one complete messaging app.

Amity is also the first messaging app to introduce Live Mode. With Live Mode, special features activate when two or more people are present in the conversation at the same time. You can interact freely with features such as Live Touch to convey presence, and Live Emojis to express emotions.

Everything in Amity works together to create a truly special experience we hope will redefine what it means to be present with one another.


  • Everything in one app — Send photos, videos, links, news, YouTube videos, locations, postcards, voice messages, battery levels, quick emojis, and much more — all without leaving the app.
  • Interactive messages — a new category of 2-way messages that makes your conversations more fun, interactive, and alive.
  • Request messages — Thinking of someone? Simply tap one button to request photos, videos, and even locations from your friends and family.
  • Introducing Live Mode — Special features will activate when two or more people are present in the conversation at the same time.
  • Live Mode features — Now you can interact freely and express emotions with features such as live emojis, live touch, and emoji bursts.
  • High fives — For the first time, now you can high five your friends through a messaging app to celebrate small victories that happen throughout the day.
  • All your memories, saved automatically — All the photos, videos, links, news articles, YouTube videos, and postcards you send and receive are automatically saved in one place for you to revisit anytime.
  • Never lose a link again — Just tap one button to see every link, news article, or YouTube video you’ve shared or received.
  • Broadcast moments — Take a photo or video, select who you want, and tap one button to send it to everyone at once.
  • Beautiful photo filters — Bring your photos to life with custom filters created by a team of world-class photographers.
  • Fun, custom stickers — Express yourself with original sticker characters designed by independent artists.
  • Group conversations — This is where the Amity experience gets really interesting, especially with our new Live Mode and interactive messages.
  • Made for everyone worldwide — Easily add friends anywhere in the world by mobile number, username, or searching nearby.

Launch Details


  • Johnny Cheng: Co-founder and CEO
  • Nick Pestov: Co-founder and CTO
  • Kieran Harper: Co-founder and Director of Engineering
  • Jackson Cheng: Co-founder and Designer


Johnny Cheng
Co-founder and CEO of Amity


Media Kit Assets—photos, videos, and GIFs

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Amity— Trailer Video

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Emoji Bursts, Live Emojis, High Five
Live Touch and Interactive Messages

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You can find all of the assets above in this Media Kit:

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Johnny Cheng
Co-founder and CEO of Amity

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