4 Reasons Why You Should Work For A Startup

As we all know, working in a startup is a lot different than working for a Multi-National Company (MNC). People who work for a startup won’t get all the monetary benefits which the corporates get, they however will have other long-term benefits which is very difficult to get in a corporate unless you work for companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox etc.

Having worked for a startup over the past three and half years and still working, I personally feel that there is nothing like startup. Things you gain, the exposure and recognition you get both personally and professionally is just unmatchable from what the corporates get. Here are few reasons why you should consider working for a startup.

1. Ownership - You need not report anything to anyone, no hierarchy, you just own what you do. You are the one who decide, when to do what & how.

2. Learn - You get to learn anything and everything, right from leadership, management skills to getting everything you need, done on your own. In short, expert of one, jack of rest.

3. Exposure - You get to meet clients, attend business or executive level meetings and do a lot more things which you are not allowed to do in a typical corporate environment.

4. Experiment - You get to try out various things, no negative marking for experimenting, but full marks for trying. No one actually stops you from trying things or taking risks.

It’s not that you don’t get monetary benefits in a startup, if a product which your startup builds passionately gets enough funding, the initial few guys who were part of the team gets benefited the most. Believe me, its not all about the money. Its a lot more than that. Its worth taking the risk.

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